March: Crowdfunder Projects In The News

Our Crowd of project owners, both past and present, are some of the biggest change makers out there and we love nothing more at Crowdfunder HQ than spotting them in the press. Whether it be on the radio, in the newspaper or online, it’s great to see the good news spreading of their success.

Here are our top picks from March.



Campaign to keep mustard in Norwich raises £14,000

13/03/18 • BBC News

Norwich Mustard successfully raised £13,823 from 184 supporters to form a community owned cooperative that will make mustard in Norwich after Colman’s leave. They also received a £6,000 matchfund pledge from Power To Change to support them on their journey to community-owned status.  



Funds raised to house Bletchley Park codebreaking Bombe at new site

14/03/18 • BBC News

The Turing-Welchman Bombe is the code-breaking device recognised for dramatically shortening the war by up to two years, saving countless lives and changing the course of history. The National Museum of Computing have just successfully raised £47,306 from 501 supporters to keep the Bombe on the Bletchley Park Estate to ensure that future generations can continue to marvel at and be inspired by the machine.





Cracking new ways to fight plastic waste

16/03/18 • BBC News

It’s fantastic to see Crowdfunder Alumni Snact, who develop creative solutions to food waste and food poverty, having their say on the fight against plastic pollution. 

They currently use Tipa’s “bioplastic” packaging on their fruit snacks. “Just like traditional packaging, we have multiple layers in the film. One [layer] we print on and that gives all the brand information, and then the other layer is what acts as the barrier, so that keeps out the moisture and the air and makes sure the food stays fresh and safe to eat. So we can just put it in the compost bin, and like an orange peel it will decompose in about six months’ time.”




The campaign to get more Brummies to smile and say hello to strangers

19/03/18 • BirminghamLive

Permission to Smile is a campaign that encourages people to get out there and meet others, in a bid to stop people from keeping themselves to themselves. Project owner Martin believes that we need more friendliness, smiling, greeting, helping and joining together in order to make a difference to the places that we live.

“We need chit chat. These sorts of things can help us to spontaneously help each other.”



The amazing story of how a Welsh community built one of TripAdvisor’s top restaurants

23/03/18 • WalesOnline

Chef Deri Reed had a dream of creating a community-based eatery, and The Warren captured the Crowd’s imagination when it first launched on Crowdfunder. It has since gone on to become TripAdvisor’s number one restaurant in Carmarthenshire, with the continued support of the local community who dug deep to fund the venture.

Who says that dreams don’t come true?



Luxury cream eggs made in Cornwall being sold in Harrods and Fortnum & Mason

26/03/18 • BBC Spotlight

This is one for all the chocolate lovers out there!

The Chocolarder recently won £1k in our What’s Your Idea? competition, delivered in partnership with GoDaddy. As well as creating these luxury cream eggs, Mike and the team behind the magic are also crowdfunding for their #realchocolatefactory, to offer visitors the unique experience of finding out exactly how chocolate can be both guilt-free and sustainable. It might sound too good to be true (we promise, it’s not!), but head on over to their project page to find out more. 

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