Manjit’s Kitchen – Yellow Horsebox Launch Party!

One of our recently successful projects caught the attention of Diane, food-blogger and author of A Tale of Two Sittings. We’re delighted to be able to share her day at the launch party of Manjit’s Kitchen – it sounded and looked delicious!


Manjit in the horsebox


Manjit’s Kitchen had their official launch party today (31st August), to celebrate their successful Crowdfunder campaign. The reasons for the campaign have been spoken about on many occasions, but if you are unaware of why, click here to read what Manjit and Michael have been through.


Having seen their yellow horse box being used at a number of events over the last month or so, it was truly a fantastic sight to see it in all its glory, basking in glorious sunshine on the last day of August. From what was an horrendous act of vandalism to Manjit and Michael’s property they’ve managed, with the support of family and friends, to convert a horse box into an Indian style chaat station.


The venue for the celebration was Wharf Chambers – I’d arrived whilst the sun was blazing, the horse box looked great, and to keep Manjit’s Kitchen company were two well-known fellows The Grub and Grog Shop and That Old Chestnut. Therefore plenty to get your teeth into!


Manjits Horsebox


My friend Alice and I were gonna try and get a bit of everything from everyone if possible, so with a 3 for £10 combo from Manjit’s, it was a no brainer. We’d be fools not to indulge, going for the Watermelon chaat, Samosa Chaat and Avocado Pani Puri.


The thing with Manjit’s food for me is it combines great elements together, without making me crave meat, and that’s saying something considering I’m such a hungry carnivore. The mix of textures, heat, sharpness and fresh flavours in Manjit’s food always brings people, including me, back for more without fail!


The Grub and Grog Shop had two corkers on the menu with Beetroot in stout, and Courgette & chilli fritters. Bloody gorgeous the pair of them. The beetroot was lovely and sticky from the stout, whilst its sweetness was still apparent, the carrot brought the acidity, and I loved the malt oil – a new one on me. When I think of malt I think Horlicks, like my dad used to drink every evening. The fritters were lovely with a good kick of chilli and more malt sprinkled on top, and the herb sauce brightened up each mouthful. So good!


That Old Chestnut were on hand for pudding. With their selection of scrumptious cakes and my favourite of theirs – Tiffin bars! I couldn’t leave without taking the last of their Chocolate and Peanut tiffin bars.


What a great afternoon spent seeing one of the original trailblazers of the Leeds street food scene still showing the way!!


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Have you been inspired by Manjit’s amazing yellow horsebox? If you’ve got a scrumptious idea that needs funding – hit the button below!



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