Made in Hackney – making success…

Made in Hackney’s Crowdfunder project raised over £13,000 and in the process helped to transform awareness of healthy eating in East London.

The Made in Hackney Local Food Kitchen is a pioneering eco-community kitchen which promotes food growing, cooking and composting skills in the Hackney area.   The project ethos is that “Without a healthy planet, how can we be healthy people” and to this end it works with local people, support groups, community groups and charities to “teach people in fun and inspiring ways healthy eating and lifestyle skills alongside environmental best practice.”

The project’s success was already transforming lives but more needed to be done and the Made in Hackney team turned to Crowdfunder for help in raising £12,500.  Their campaign was so successful that we thought we’d share some of their story with the Crowdfunder community.  Speaking to the project co-ordinator, Sarah Bentley, was a revelation.  Not only is Sarah immensely proud of the fantastic achievements of the project in touching lives, she is also immensely grateful to all of the volunteers, supporters, friends, donors and others who helped to make the Crowdfunder project a success.  

Kitting it out in style
Farming the future

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