Life After Crowdfunder: what do our project owners say?

Hearing from project owners about life after their Crowdfunder campaign truly makes our day.

The benefits that come from crowdfunding for your idea can really resonate for a long time after you successfully fund and close your Crowdfunder project.

Here is what a few of our lovely past project owners had to say about their experience. 

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Stoneham Bakehouse £23,445 • 273 supporters • 14 days

This community bakery crowdfunded to kit out their new premises in order to share the therapeutic nature and experience of making bread with the local community

“Our Crowdfunder campaign has been, and continues to be, incredibly helpful to our community business. The money we raised was vital to initially kitting out our bakery; buying the large oven, mixer and much more. However, much more than the money; knowing 273 people, many of them very local, supported our idea gave us confidence. So many of these backers have become regular and loyal customers.”

Hustle and bustle in the pub garden!

Gardener’s Rest £237,600 • 382 supporters • 49 days

This project invited supporters to purchase community shares through their Crowdfunder campaign page to become a part of The Gardener’s Rest. 

“A year ago, we approached Crowdfunder.  Six months ago, we started to manage our pub. Next week, we are buying it! Without Crowdfunder, our lovely pub would now be part of a deadly pubco brand or a memory of what came before a block of flats.  We raise a glass to you Crowdfunder.”

The container purchased with the funds raised through Crowdfunder

Growing Better CIC £21,010 • 71 supporters • 28 days

This project crowdfunded to build a hydroponic vertical farm that also serves to provide support and jobs for people with mental health challenges. 

“Crowdfunding has helped our business in more ways than we could ever have imagined… It’s enabling us to move forward and grow our business much quicker than anticipated. Due to the publicity we generated through a local TV interview, we made vital connections to a secure mental health assessment unit in Leeds and are in discussions about supporting their service users both while they are in-patients and when they leave. Also, due to the publicity, we were contacted by several highly innovative companies that want to work with us in joint ventures… This is already bearing fruit as our container will now have solar panels!”

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