January: Crowdfunder Projects In The News

It’s been a busy month for all of our brilliant project owners, both past and present, and we love nothing more at Crowdfunder HQ than spotting them in the press.

Whether it be on the radio, in the newspaper or online, it’s great to see the good news spreading of their success.

Here are our top picks from January.




Change Please: The cup of coffee that fights homelessness

1st January 2018 • Happiful Magazine

Change Please are brewing up something a little bit more than coffee in their mobile coffee outlets across London. They train exceptional people, who happen to be homeless, as baristas and provide them with a job and housing to lift them out of their situation. Not only does their innovative model use entrepreneurship to instantly reduce homelessness, but they have also successfully crowdfunded three times! While their mobile coffee vans can employ up to four people every year, the team have recently crowdfunded for a fixed site so that they can double employment and also offer a place to bring the community together.




Madlug partnership helps give children dignity

3rd January 2018 • Belfast News Letter

 Madlug are on a mission to ensure that children in care don’t have to carry their worldly belongings in a bin bag when moving from one place to the next by providing them with new pack-away travel bags so that they can carry their life with dignity. During their Crowdfunder campaign, Madlug received a match fund pledge of £10k from Santander’s Changemaker fund. 

Dave Linton said, “No child should carry his or her life in a bin bag, so receiving this support will really make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children in care. We hope that our work helps them realise they are valued.”



Former Pro Cricketer Tim Linley Returns Home To Make The Coffee

4th January 2018 • Yorkshire Business Daily

Coffee On The Crescent, set up by former pro cricketer Tim Linley, promises to be the heart and soul of this community in Leeds. The focus will be on providing a meeting space to inspire individuals to achieve their dreams – alongside serving great coffee, of course.

Tim Linley said, “I want to share my passion for perfectly crafted coffee. At the same time, I want to create a meeting place for local people to feel inspired and uplifted… The Crescent Coffee House will provide a platform for local suppliers, emerging artists, and musicians to showcase their talents. It is this spirit that is at the heart of The Crescent Coffee House.”




Swansea University Confirm Bike Share Hire Scheme will be Coming to Swansea Bay

4th January 2018 • Business News Wales

Whilst some people were winding down at the end of 2017, the Santander Cycles University Challenge saw five universities giving it their all and competing for a cycle scheme in their area, with #bikesforswansea taking the top spot. 

Professor Richard B Davies, Vice-Chancellor, said, “The level of support we have had throughout the entire process from Santander, Crowdfunder and Nextbike has been outstanding, and we’re very much looking forward to continuing this relationship and working closely together as we work towards the launch of the scheme this Spring.”




How you can help this couple build UK’s first hip hop theatre in Plymouth

17th January 2018 • Plymouth Herald

Street Factory CIC founders Toby G & Jo have been connecting audiences, young people, artists and practitioners for the last ten years in and around Plymouth. They now want to open a community venue, based upon the foundations that it will be a space where everyone can feel physically, mentally, and spiritually safe – & free to express, respect, and learn together.

Making their idea happen here




£4m expansion will double Horniman Museum gallery space

19th January 2018 • East London Lines

The Horniman Museum‘s focus on anthropology will be continued in the World Gallery; an expansion that will double their gallery space. To undertake the endeavour, the museum received £3.3m from The Heritage Lottery Fund, as well as raising £25,00 through Crowdfunder (including an £8,000 match fund pledge from Lewisham Council). The new World Gallery will celebrate the wonder and complexity of what it means to be human and will be a place of inspiration for visitors of all ages.

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