It’s great news all round as Crowdfund Cornwall celebrates two more successes!

It’s smiles all round for Crowdfunder HQ today as two fantastic Cornish projects hit their target. First to complete was The Art of Surfing who managed to raise £1,567 who were then followed shortly after by Shutterpod who smashed their 1k target, ending on 132%.

The Art of Surfing is a collaboration between an all Cornish crew including an artist, film producer, manufacturer, arts space, board shaper and surf company, photographer and upcoming Cornish surfer. The all Cornish crew looked to raise £1,500 which will enable them to produce a film about The Art of Surfing. We think think this is a fab idea and love that so many people have got on board and involved.

The idea behind The Art of Surfing is to show the process of creating hand-crafted surf boards and show that they are works of art in their own right, this will all be done through the power of film all happening right here in Newquay. We couldn’t be happier for the guys behind this project and are so pleased that FEAST saw this vision to and have awarded them with a 1k grant.

Next in line is a fantastic community photography project that aims to get a mobile darkroom up and running and on the road. Shutterpod is run by Josie Purcell and aims to create accessible and interactive vintage photographic opportunities for all. Its mission is to encourage self-belief through photo-art, ensuring anyone can enjoy being creative at alternative processing workshops that can be simple or more complex. By mixing vintage photographic ‘magic’ with a mobile darkroom, ShutterPod hopes to help people discover latent talents or develop current skills.

Shutterpod has also managed to get some funding and received a £700 pledge from Niddocks, who believed in Josie’s idea as much as we did and wanted to see her succeed.

We love both these projects and can’t wait to see the finished products. If you have a great Cornish idea then get in touch today. 






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