Instant Love from Instantprint = What A Melon

Instant Love What A Melon

Instantprint have partnered with Crowdfunder to select a project every month to receive some Instant Love.

Each month one lucky project will receive a free poster design and print to help them spread their message to the world. This month, Instantprint have chosen What A Melon.

What is What A Melon?

It’s a drink! A delicious, healthy, hydrating drink made from watermelon juice.

What A Melon is the inspiration of Oliver Bolton and his business partner, Tom. They’ve been making healthy drinks since 2007. And when the opportunity to innovate the hugely popular natural hydration drinks sector with their love for watermelons came about, they couldn’t resist.

Oliver and Tom had watched as coconut water led high growth in the natural hydration drinks sector. But there was a problem.

“We were shocked at how many people don’t actually like coconut water. There are alternatives on the market such as maple and birch water but they face similar taste challenges – as well as being relatively low in nutrients.”

Oliver saw a gap in the market: With a love for watermelon and it’s impressive health benefits, he could clearly see the potential for a high quality, affordable watermelon water.

“There are a few watermelon drinks on the market but they generally have a short shelf life and a high price tag. We saw an opportunity for an affordable, highly nutritious watermelon drink and went for it.”

Instant Love from Instantprint

To help support this fab project, Instantprint have given What A Melon 25 free A3 posters and 1,000 free A5 flyers!

Jon from Instantprint explained why these guys get Instant Love this month:

“We’ve watched the What A Melon journey so far and we’re really impressed with the passion and effort that they have put into their project. They are doing well and we want to help them keep this momentum and officially launch What A Melon to the world.”

Oliver chose crowdfunding as a way to expand production of What A Melon and build awareness of the official launch event.

“This has been my first crowdfunding project. I’ve pledged on lots of other projects before and lots of people have recommended it. Crowdfunding just made perfect sense.”

What’s so great about watermelon water?

Watermelon water contains electrolytes, the muscle-loving amino acid citrulline and the antioxidant lycopene, making it a more nutritious alternative to coconut water. Because of the presence of citrulline, watermelon water is especially good for sports recovery. Did we mention how good it tastes, too?

“We’ve made sure we sit at a competitive price point to coconut water and we hope that as we grow, we can bring the price down even further with economies of scale.” said Oliver. “To get started we sought funding from investors and shareholders. We found good manufacturers who were prepared to do short runs and and good payment terms which has been invaluable.”

What’s next for What A Melon?

The future looks juicy for What A Melon. With plans to have What A Melon stocked by major UK supermarkets by the end of the summer and export into new markets in the pipeline, What A Melon is going from strength to strength. Main goal? “We want to represent the humble watermelon.”

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Visit the What A Melon project page to find out more join in the watermelon excitement.

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