How Samphire became our fastest-funded festival

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To give you some super-sharp inspiration on how to crowdfund your brilliant event or festival idea, we’ve re-visited one of the fastest-funded festival crowdfunding projects in the UK.

The big idea

Music journalist Flora Blathwayt and DJ Josh Beauchamp wanted to launch a less financially risky festival by getting people to buy discounted tickets upfront.

What happened

Project owner Flora Blathwayt said, “by crowdfunding money from the general public it enabled us to create a community of backers invested in making it happen, but also crucially know how much money we had to play with to put it on.”

They decided to raise money on Crowdfunder because, in Flora’s words, “we heard they have really friendly and helpful customer service. It’s not just get your project up and then you’re on your own.”

They also made the most of a movement towards smaller, boutique festivals in the festival scene. Samphire Festival has a 1,000-person capacity and offers a family-friendly atmosphere that makes it a totally different kettle of fish from the likes of Glastonbury.

Ranging from £30 to £3,000, their rewards were hugely innovative and perfectly catered to their audience, and offered something for every budget.

In just 3 weeks they reached their target of £20,000. But that wasn’t the end of it. By the time their crowdfunder finished they’d raised a total of £42,855 from 336 backers in just 56 days!

Samphire Festival’s campaign benefited from both local and national press, not least because of its position as the fastest ever successfully funded festival on Crowdfunder.

Read their full success story here.


Samphire organisers’ top tips for you

“Most important is getting early pledges, main thing we found was the response when you actually called people. It was a lot more effective than email which people can ignore or forget about. I also made a spreadsheet of all those who’ve pledged and all those who say they will pledge. Then you can gently remind those that need a nudge.

“I also added an extra column whereby I say to people who have pledged to get one extra person to do so. If everyone does that you double your total! Video is absolutely vital for getting people engaged. Contacting local press at significant milestones. Try and host a closing party however small because apparently we got a real surge in pledges!”

Check out the Samphire Festival project page to find out more about their brilliant project.

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