Five tips for promoting your project on Facebook

Facebook has 1.3 billion users (yes, really) and it’s an incredibly powerful tool that, used right, will help boost awareness of your great idea! Of course, the chance of reaching everyone is very slim, so concentrate on your followers and those groups who’ll find your idea relevant and exciting.


These are a few things you can do to get your project noticed on Facebook:


1. Like, share and shout  

This is really important, whether you have a separate page for your project or are promoting your campaign through your personal profile. Think of it as networking in the digital world – use the like and share buttons, post in relevant groups and get active in advance of your campaign. No-one will know you’re there if you don’t make any noise!


Hearing Dogs FB example22. Make it scroll-stopping

Pull together a bank of powerful images that you can pick and choose from for each post. An image is two times more likely to get shared on social media than plain text, so choose pictures that will stop people on their trackpads (it’s not cheating to throw in a few cute creatures).


3. Widen your online horizons

Sharing on your own profile or project page is great, but extend your reach by posting in relevant groups. Being branded a ‘spammer’ won’t do your project any favours though, so be realistic about how often you’re posting – if all you can see on a group page are your own posts, that’s too much!


4. A little less conversation…

Prepare messaging before you go live and keep your posts short and simple. It’s better to post snippets of interesting news than trying to explain your entire idea in one go – that’s what your Crowdfunder page is for.


5. …a little more action

Leave a ‘call to action’ by asking people to support your idea, whether it’s with a pledge or by sharing with their own followers, and always include the link to your project page.


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