Helping The Hawks Reach Their Paralympic Dreams


Help The Hawks recently raised £3,320 via Crowdfunder. We interview Help the Hawks spokeswoman Morwenna Dobson about their inspiring project.

Tell us about your project in five words

Helping wheelchair rugby stars thrive

Why did you want to crowdfund?

The club was in desperate need of new equipment and the lack of high quality chairs was limiting players ability to compete at the highest level – some of the players are so fast, blink and youd miss them!

Its also really important to increase the publicity of the club. Theyve had so much success and there are some truly inspirational stories from the players. It was vital to get them more recognition.

How has crowdfunding helped you?

For me personally crowdfunding gave me marketing and communication experience, as well as giving me an insight into some of the ways ideas and projects can get off the ground.

I think its given club members a new confidence to pursue other ways to fundraise and to see that people are interested in supporting their amazing sport.

How are you encouraging pledges?

Pledges were encouraged through social media, personal connections and announcements on both the staff and student portal.

Will your project create jobs?

This project will not create jobs, but the Hawks are always looking for volunteers to help them gain publicity and any new supporters would be a massive boost to the team.

How will the project improve the lives of people?

This project will help the Hawks train to a higher level, giving them more confidence and the ability to attract more players to the sport.

The club provides social and active opportunities for disabled people that may not have had this chance without them. The extra equipment ensures the club can continue to do this and cope with the ever increasing demand.

Whats the best bit about crowdfunding? Has it spurred you to do other things?

Crowdfunding is great as it enables you to get your project out to a wider community, helping projects get the support they need from total strangers.

Its a great way to give to inspiring causes, and quite often there are some amazing goodies in return.

I will definitely consider crowdfunding again in the future. There are so many success stories from a wide variety of projects. Its just about coming up with an idea that needs support.

How has crowdfunding helped your project access other funds, through match funding etc?

Before the project was launched I was advised to apply for additional Plymouth City Council funding.

This was a bit of a risk as we had to make our project all or nothingbut it paid off when we received a grant of £1,800 from Plutus PowerGen.

Where do you want to be in five years?

In five years Id hope to see the club continuing to produce players that compete at an international standard, as well as attracting new members and doing more fundraising.

Id like to be helping to run other successful community projects.

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