The crowd are stretching funds to support health and well-being projects

At the heart of every Crowdfunder project is a unique idea with the extraordinary potential to change lives and with the awareness around health and well-being significantly increasing, it’s no surprise that our crowd is coming together to help one another.

At Crowdfunder, we are proud to support projects that promote health and well-being to their communities. Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the number of individuals and groups who come to our platform to raise the funds that they need to provide yoga and fitness facilities to their local community.

With the increasing amount of evidence about the positive impact that yoga and exercise has on our mental and physical well-being, the number of people engaging with these types of projects will undoubtedly continue to grow.

Here are some of our favourite Crowdfunder projects who have stretched beyond what they ever thought possible.



Future of Heart Space
£40,485 • 238 supporters • 34 days

In 2012, Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks opened its doors after a very careful restoration project that transformed the Logie Church Hall, in Dundee’s West End, into a beautiful yoga studio that is loved by many. With their Crowdfunder project, they aimed to raise the funds needed to purchase this unique and beautiful building so that they could create a world-class yoga studio for Dundee.


Urban Studios

£12,740 • 165 supporters • 56 days

With the aim to open a fitness studio that combines physical fitness with mental and emotional support, Urban Studios crowdfunded for the funds needed to get this start up business off the ground. Urban Studios promises to be an all inclusive venue that offers the support needed to achieve a much happier and healthier life.


Choose Life

£6,345 • 116 supporters • 56 days

Choose Life create yoga mats with the aim to help raise awareness of mental health and addiction. After seeing the positive and healing influence that yoga can have for people dealing with mental health and addiction issues, Choose Life encourages it as a foundation to develop a healthier mind and body. With the aim to help raise awareness of mental health and addiction, this project crowdfunded to support two amazing charities – Action on Addiction and MIND.


Yoga For Refugees

£12,510 • 242 supporters • 155 days

Ourmala, the organisation behind this project, helps refugees and asylum-seekers to rebuild their lives. They specialise in providing therapeutic yoga classes as a means to deal with depression, physical pain, low confidence and fear as well as recovering from trauma. With demand at an all time high, this project crowdfunded so that they could offer more accessible classes to the 250+ people on their waiting list, and enable them to settle happily into society.


CAMYOGA Mitcham’s Corner

£97,615 • 288 supporters • 21 days

CAMYOGA is a Social Enterprise that has served over 16,000 people with more than 250,000 yoga classes. With three popular existing studio locations, CAMYOGA also had a dream to set up a new flagship yoga studio and cafe. The idea for ‘Stem + Glory’ was born and they crowdfunded to bring about a beautiful refurbishment of the premises so that they could bring Cambridge it’s first 100% vegan cafe.



Rebel Studio
£10,540 • 73 supporters • 21 days

After years of teaching their popular classes across various yoga studios, project owners Jacqui and Bertie decided to start planning their own venue. Rebel Studio crowdfunded to be a boutique yoga osteopathy studio like no other. From humble beginnings, the pair grew in confidence and strength to secure commercial premises in Kings Cross. By offering an array of different classes, they wanted to provide the best yoga possible by creating highly individualised technique-based classes that draw on their combined experience and knowledge.

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