We need to make a stand against homelessness… and our Crowd have already made a start

There are now over 300,000 people believed to be homeless in the UK, and this figure doesn’t appear to be going down anytime soon… unless we take some drastic action.

Our innovative Crowd have had an idea though, quite a few ideas in fact, and they are on a mission to paint a brighter future for everyone – a future that is defined by equal opportunity and community spirit.

This vision and passion is changing our communities for the better. And the great thing? This Crowd is growing all of the time – and we want you to be a part of it! Together, we can make ideas happen… ideas that might just change the world.

Ideas that are making the world of difference…

Homeless Rooms Birmingham • Crowdfunder Project

Change Please
Project #1Project #2Project #3

Streetwise Opera
Project #1Project #2

Exeter Bike Workshop • Crowdfunder Project

24 Hour Helpline for Young Homeless People • Crowdfunder Project

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