Gamers unite to raise the funds!

Guildhall Games raise their £500 target with 26 days left.

The idea behind Guildhall Games came from a bunch of gamers living in Kent who were fed up that there was no-where around their could go and buy and play their favourite games. Well the crowd has spoken and allowed the bunch of gamers to go forward and pursue their dream.

Guildhall Games will provide a place where people can go and buy their favourite board games, rpg books and their expansion, or their LARP equipment, or their gaming dice and the availability of games like Warhammer, Magic: The Gathering and so on was pretty low. It will also be a place where people can go and play these games – great I hear you say!

The £500 raised will be used to go towards the costs involved in setting up an online presence for Guildhall Games. Anything that doesn’t get spent on this will go into the start up pot, to help with advertising costs, furnishings (that includes big gaming tables) and so on. In return, they are offering some tasty little rewards and the chance to be a helping hand in getting Guildhall Games open for you!!

Check out their rewards here and get involved :

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