Introducing Crowdfunder’s Funds Matchmaker – Let us help you get extra money for your ideas

Crowdfunder has money to give away – there we said it. We have pots of fund money from partners to give to projects to supercharge their success. We currently have over £4 million waiting to go to great ideas.

Crowdfunder works with partners such as Santander, Virgin, M&S and many councils across the UK to distribute  money to projects in the areas of Wellbeing, Environment, Youth, Health and Community. In most cases we can offer projects that get an initial 50% of their support from the crowd a boost of another 50% from a fund. Crowdfunder is unique in doing this. 

Projects need to be eligible to apply for funding and should apply for the best fund for them. To help you apply and find the right funding for you Crowdfunder has now introduced a ‘Funds Matchmaker’. The Funds Matchmaker can talk to you by phone or email and discuss your project. We can talk to you about the best fund, how to apply and how to make your project stand out as one to pick up the extra money.

Sometimes to apply for a grant or loan money you may feel you need to pop a suit on, get an appointment, prepare proposals and step out of your comfort zone. At Crowdfunder forget the suit and tie and just talk to us about raising money. 

Whether you have a project currently live or if you are considering starting a crowdfunding project we can help. 

Contact our Funds Matchmaker: 

View our funds available:

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