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The subject of food waste has once again hit the headlines thanks to the publication of an EU report which suggests that date labelling of products is adding to the problem.  The discussion paper picked up on a 2013 report which concluded that between 30% and 50% of the food which ends up on supermarket shelves is wasted, often because of a mis-understanding of best before and use by dates.

With 100 million tonnes of food wasted in the EU every year, this latest discussion paper recommends scrapping best before dates on long life produce such as rice, coffee and dried pasta; following in the footsteps of vinegar which was exempted from best before legislation earlier this year.  But it is not just the food which households throw away which contributes to the overall waste total.  The food industry also discards quantities of fresh food because it is the wrong shape or size or because it ripens before sale.

Tackling this food waste problem requires innovative solutions and one company has stepped into the arena, producing Snact; 100% fruit jerky made from surplus fruit.  After an initial research and development phase, Snact turned to the power of the crowd to raise £12,000 to help to take Snact to the next level.

Offering rewards ranging from bags of Snact fruit jerky to t-shirts and books, the Snact project caught the imagination of 273 backers who between them pledged £13,516, enabling the project to reach a fantastic 113% of target.  Thanks to the backers and to the Snact team, fruit which would otherwise have gone to waste will now be adding to the five a day options for people who love handy food on the go.

But Snact is not only a groundbreaker in its drive to reduce food waste; it was also the first project to arrive at Crowdfunder as a result of our link up with Enterprise Nation. 

At the launch of the partnership, Enterprise Nation’s Emma Jones said “The UK is known for creative entrepreneurs with great business ideas.  By opening up the combined forces of Enterprise Nation and Crowdfunder to these ideas we can help even more entrepreneurs to turn their passions into great businesses.”

Innovative, groundbreaking, entrepreneurial; Snact is the perfect example of the way in which great ideas can make a difference thanks to the power of the crowd. As the Snact team say, when little actions come together they can make something bigger than themselves and that is in essence what crowdfunding is all about.

Visit the Snact project page to find out more.

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