Fruitshare – the legacy!

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Together, with the support of our amazing partners, and you – the crowd, we have managed to get 100,000 pupils in 600 schools planting fruit trees. This is amazing and a huge thank you to anyone involved in this fruitastic campaign. Together we have made a lasting effect on thousands of schools.

After the success of Fruitshare we are keen to get even more schools, colleges and universities crowdfunding with us. Whether it be to raise money for projects within the institution, new equipment or even a new classroom. We believe that crowdfunding can also be used to encourage entrepreneurship among pupils. Dylan Allman, at only seven years old, shows us that crowdfunding really is possible whatever age you are and can teach young people real business skills.

“Crowdfunding enables individuals to put their innovative ideas in front of the public and raise money if people think the idea is compelling and game-changing. It offers an innovative way to raise finance in these times where financial institutions can be very risk averse. It’s a model that’s very attractive to graduate start-ups looking for that first investment to establish their enterprise – and thanks to our partnership with Crowdfunder, it’s opening new doors for our enterprising students as well.”

Professor Wendy Purcell, Vice-Chancellor of Plymouth University 

We would love it if you came back and crowdfunded with us again. Within no time you could have the funds you need to get your new project off the ground.

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Crowdfunding really is for anyone - join our schools campaign!
Guest blog from Missi Davis

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