From Frome to Birmingham – £495,000 of grants for local projects

Keen crowdfunders know how brilliant crowdfunding is for turning individual projects into reality – but increasingly whole communities are now launching campaigns with funds to make ideas happen in their area.

Two shining examples are Birmingham and Frome who today are launching two campaigns with funds and coaching designed to support local projects.


Birmingham City Council have launched Crowdfund Birmingham with a fund of £470,000 Community Innovation Fund to provide match funding to pledge on projects that will benefit the people of Birmingham. 

Already more than 20 projects have expressed interest in receiving a pledge from the council to help secure the funds they need to help their local community, and benefiting from a FREE coaching course to help them learn how to crowdfund successfully.

Eligible projects for the fund include those that could empower local communities to improve people’s independence, become more resilient and improve health and wellbeing; they also need to show they can reduce demand on adult social care by focusing on early intervention, to stop care needs escalating. Projects that meet the criteria could attract a pledge from the city council of up to £10,000 or 50% of their funding target, whichever is the lower.

Councillor Paulette Hamilton, cabinet member for health and social care, said: “I believe this pioneering partnership between Birmingham City Council and Crowdfunder will be of real benefit to our city. Not only will it stretch our grant funding that much further, it’s a great platform for local innovation and entrepreneurship.”


Frome Town Council’s new approach to community funding, Crowdfund Frome also launched this week and is the first town council in the country to do so. 

Local community groups, businesses, social enterprises and individuals are now able to raise funds through the new page. Anyone who decides to set up a Crowdfund campaign in Frome will now have an automatic presence on the Crowdfund Frome page.

The Town Council has also set aside £25,000 to provide match funding for some community projects. Eligible projects include those which build a flourishing and active community, increase environmental sustainability or help with prosperity across the town – and could attract a pledge from the town council of up to £5,000.

Kate Bielby, the councillor who has sponsored this initiative says: 

“We’re the first town council in the country to partner with Crowdfunder to create a local fundraising platform.  We think it will not just make our community grant funding go further but help ensure it goes to the right local projects.’

Crowdfund Frome gives you the opportunity to support great ideas and projects that are close to your heart. By showing support for specific projects, you will also be letting the town council know which projects you think should receive grant funding.

So if you live in Birmingham or Frome – what are you waiting for? Add your project to Crowdfunder and apply for more money now!

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