Something to get those taste buds tingling…

With such a thriving and diverse range of cultures here in the UK, we are lucky to benefit from an extraordinary amount of culinary delights that unite communities all over the nation.

For this reason, it’s no surprise that tasty and downright delicious crowdfunding projects are often met with great success. Rewards-based crowdfunding enables these projects to not only launch and sell their products, but also receive validation from the Crowd that they think the concept is incredibly tempting! Potential supporters are often lured in to these kinds of projects with the unique opportunity to get their hands on the product before anyone else – and who doesn’t want to try to latest treat before it’s even hit the shelves!?

We caught up with Jordan and Abi, the duo behind Project Jackfruit, to find out their top piece of crowdfunding advice, “I think as a culture we find it a little weird and awkward to ask for cash, but at the end of the day this is your business and if your passion shines then your friends and family will want to help you get there, so have them help you and get off to a great start in your first 72 hours after launching!”

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