The Fiver: M&S Energy Fund



M&S Energy is inspiring a new generation of community energy projects through their Community Energy Fund.

Community groups, from schools to scout groups and village halls to football teams, are all doing their bit to switch to renewables and cut the carbon.

And while these projects are competing to win a share of a £350,000 prize pot, some have chosen to crowdfund to raise extra money on the side.

Take a look at the Crowdfunder top five.

Imagine a world where riding the bus produces absolutely no emissions – The Big Lemon are on a mission to create it with their solar bus company.
It’s Europe’s first straw bale church and it’s now on the verge of getting solar panels. Could it be any more sustainable?
With the money saved from their shiny new solar panels, the team at Learn for Life will invest even more into education, and improving social welfare and well-being.
It’s mission ‘local grid’ for Applecross Energy. The team plan to create and sell affordable heat to members of the community. Can’t argue with that!
It’s a café, a community centre, and a church and it’s going renewable! The team are crowdfunding to create a ‘green focal point’ for the whole community. 
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