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It’s Friday and there is no better time to sink into the sofa with some popcorn and enjoy a good film.

Before you’ve completely zoned out for the weekend, take a look at some of the exciting film projects live at the moment…

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Light Years  

Wanting to get their film out into the world, Third Films are crowdfunding with great rewards. You can book tickets to screenings, pre-order the DVD or even request a screening in a cinema near you. With pledging on a film by BAFTA winning director Esther May Campbell, you’re in for a treat!



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This short film explores the traumas of war, telling the story of Korea’s ‘Forgotten War’. What the film’s main character experiences is still highly relevant and relates to what millions of Syrian children, other refugees and migrants are going through at this very moment.



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If you like the new Netflix drama series Stranger Things, you’re gonna love this! Fissure explores the loss of a child, addiction, bereavement and inter-dimensional travel. Get your hands on this tense and dark story before anyone else!



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This is a teen drama which deals with self-esteem, mental health and positive relationships. The film has had input from youth groups to create a positive message and director Andy Mark Simpson uses poetic effects to create a beautiful little film.



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Director Julian Tewkesbury wants to make animated feature films that can compete with the big guys, whilst having something positive to say to today’s society. This film focuses on Gil, a space pilot desperate to win the “Twin Planets” racing championship. Animation and space – what’s not to love?


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