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Many of you will know that our lovely Sami is heading off on an epic cross-border west coast camping adventure today. So as she prepares to get back to nature, we thought it would fitting to focus on some awesome projects that reconnect us with the four basic elements: earth, water, fire and ale. 
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Take a stroll around your neighbourhood and download this fascinating audio history of living Earth straight into your earholes. 
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Enjoy kitchen wizardry at this unique new restaurant in Bristol powered by charcoal and a 60 litre cast iron cauldron.
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A genius idea to turn the waste coffee grounds from your morning cappuccino into sustainable biofuels. 
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City dwellers need no longer sit on allotment waiting lists for years on end. Grow yourself a salad in your dining room. 
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Born out of a love for wild, foraged ingredients this Norfolk brewhouse are doing things decidedly different. Two pints of ale and a punnet of raspberries please barman. 
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