On the first day of crowdfunding, let’s take a look at this – one Iron Bridge still standing!

Welcome to The 12 Days Of Crowdfunding… a celebration of our top picks from 2017 – and trust me, there were a lot to choose from. We take our hats off to all of our project owners, who are a collection of some of the finest changemakers out there. They are working hard everyday to make their mark on communities across the whole of the UK, with the help of the Crowd of course. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and can’t wait to welcome in the New Year with the same resolution that we always abide by (we don’t mind if you want to steal it as yours too)… Make Ideas Happen.


In December 2017, English Heritage achieved crowdfunding success to secure a bright and sturdy future for the Iron Bridge in Shropshire – raising an incredible £47,545 from 911 supporters to make their idea a reality.


As the first free-standing structure ever to be made of cast iron, the Iron Bridge stands (for almost 240 years so far!) as a monument to all those who worked relentlessly with what was then an entirely new and unknown material. However, since opening on New Year’s Day in 1781, the bridge has had its fair share of trials and tribulations in the face of weathering, ground movement in the gorge and even an earthquake 100 years ago. These challenges have left the structure at risk, with extensive surveys revealing that the bridge is now under threat from cracking caused by stresses in the ironwork. Crucial and careful conservation is the only way to safeguard the iconic bridge, so that people can enjoy it in the future just as we do today.

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The funds that English Heritage raised through crowdfunding will become part of the funding-mix for the endeavour to repair the Iron Bridge, which will cost a total of £3.6m. By opening up the project to the Crowd, the charity aimed to provide the chance for everyone to get involved and play a role in passing on the legacy of those who shaped our world today.

Si Walker, Head of Campaigns at Crowdfunder, said, “It was fantastic to work alongside English Heritage to raise funds for Project Iron Bridge. The overwhelming support that they received so early on in the campaign is a true testament to the bridge itself, but also to the team behind the project. We were delighted that such an important project was opened up to the public, who were quick to support the endeavour and become a very important piece of the Iron Bridge’s story. We’re excited to see the success of the Iron Bridge Crowdfunder project as one of many more heritage projects to come.”

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