Crowdfund Cornwall success: Falmouth University graduate raises the funds to produce photography collection

Press and Editorial Photography graduate, Kate Wierenga, raises £400 to produce a book that will showcase images from her final year project. Kate’s project Birth Spaces is among a number of great Cornish projects that have launched campaigns as part of our latest Crowdfund Cornwall Campaign.

Kate decided to focus on pregnancy and child birth as part of her final project and explore the connection that women have with their birth places. Kate took a series of photos titled Birth Spaces, which she handed in as her final project but then decided that she wanted to give something back to the women she photographed and looked into the idea of making a book she could offer to them as a thank you. Kate came to us to ask for £400 and we are so pleased the crowd believed in her idea and have provided her with the funds to go on and produce the book.

Students are continually faced with the problem of having to raise funds for final year projects and exhibitions and we are so pleased we are able to provide a platform that allows them to go on and produce great pieces of work.

Birth Spaces is among a number of Cornish projects we have launched this year as part of the Crowdfund Cornwall campaign and one of the first to raise the funds. We are continually on the look out for great Cornish ideas, if you have a great idea then get in touch today.







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