Extra Funding for Youth Projects

Does your project support the development of young people, or strive to improve their lives? If the answer is yes, then read ahead because we currently have money to give away to projects that focus on enhancing the lives of young people in certain areas around the country.

Our key partners can provide extra money for projects supporting the youth of today in all kinds of ways. Therefore, it’s our duty to make sure that you are clued up on what we mean by the ‘youth community’ so that you can set yourself up for greatness and secure the funds to transform your idea.

What Do We Mean By Youth? 


School dinner warriors, learning fanatics and education establishment enthusiasts – we want to hear from you!


Inspiring the youth of today is fundamental to the future of our cultural society. You might be organising a festival specifically for young people, or perhaps be an emerging young artist or youth theatre – get in touch.

Victim & Charity

Unfortunately the presence of trauma in our youth community is very real, and we want to ensure that Crowdfunder projects tackling issues of protection, support and awareness to those affected receive the support that they need.

Health & Medical

Our health services cannot always provide the funds for essential research and treatment and can also be excessively expensive. Our extra funds could help you reach that target.


It’s no secret that great things happen when people come together, and sports and youth clubs are great ambassadors for this. If your club or organisation supports the development of young people, then you might be eligible for extra funding.

Here at Crowdfunder.co.uk we are immensely proud to support projects that enhance the lives of the next generation. However, we fully appreciate that we can’t make change happen by ourselves and endeavor to connect projects that matter with supporters who care.

Sami, our Crowdfunding coach-extraordinaire, will be hosting a series of free webinars that you can join in which she will talking all about Crowdfunding for youth projects. 

Be sure to join the webinar here. 

The Birmingham Smiles Fund and Dorset Youth Fund both support youth-based projects. The Santander Changemaker also focuses on disadvantaged groups, so may apply to certain youth projects in this instance. 

If you want to find out more, or would like help by speaking to someone about our funds then email fundingadvice@crowdfunder.co.uk

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