The Fiver: Doing it differently

Fiver-Blog-header_DifferentShout out to the mavericks

We’re all a little bonkers, I think. This week we’re celebrating quirkiness and relishing originality. Let’s go forth and embrace our weirdness!

Here’s five projects rocking the boat on Crowdfunder right now:


The stuff that makes us truly happy is often undervalued and ignored. This small (but mighty) charity are on a mission to change that.

£5,000 (16%) raised from 56 backers


Motorsport for MS8cdfc3a4-7cbc-44e1-b190-95a0abaf516a

Superstar racing driver Rick Shortle and his friend Noel are hitting the UK track circuit, setting official times…. on an 8 mph mobile scooter.

£3,815 (21%) raised from 27 backers


cb1092dd-c834-4d27-88b2-094fe050cac0Older Women Rock!

These kick-ass ladies are challenging the same old stereotypes with poetry, art and some pretty snazzy stilettos. 

£11,070 (55%) raised from 207 backers


0366e83b-8616-48ce-bf8a-2248bc372e88Adventures with Horses

More than just pretty ponies, these beautiful animals are at the heart of this innovative and life-changing social enterprise in Devon.

£3,816 (50%) raised from 53 backers


8cc82fcb-148f-4848-a65d-68fe75941825She’s Not Good for a Girl, She’s Just Good

This book does not contain princesses. Or princes. Or pumpkins.

£2,520 (101%) raised from 49 backers


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