The Fiver: Deliciously nutritious


 Warm your heart, feed your belly

I love food – it’s no secret. While the promise of a hearty mouthful is enough to get my tummy rumbling, finding food that does the world some good is even better.

Here’s five fabulous foodie treats for you this Friday afternoon. Bon appetit!



Made with healthy natural ingredients, these little bars of superfood goodness taste as good as they look.

£2,332 (29%) raised from 45 backers


801de4a3-a061-4bcd-ac78-70ce8025107bCooking With Languages

A fun activity cookbook designed to teach children English or Spanish, while whipping up a storm (and a mess) in the kitchen.

£2,955 (59%) raised from 52 backers


c62840f0-f91f-4cc0-9646-a1842681b307Nature’s Nutrition Co-operative

Local people have stepped in to save this independent health food shop in Devon and turn it into a hub for the community.

£5,677 (35%) raised from 103 backers


b5c20fa5-1e92-4d0a-81b6-f26fdf389058Leaves of the World

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea. It’s kind of the same thing.

£315 (5%) raised from 11 backers


9420ee15-8c5b-4e5f-83cc-d58009142c5dOldham Food Bank

Using surplus food destined for the dump, his vibrant kitchen brings local people together over a brew and a bite.

£16,260 (117%) raised from 112 backers

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