Cycle wall of death. Dare you ride it?

This weekends success was The Bomberdrome Live Show! The Bomberdrome is the cycle wall of death, sound scary? Well the guys behind this great idea have just managed to raise £580 to take the bomberdrome to the Bristol Cycling Festival.

The Bomberdrome was built in 2012 by The Ministry of Bicycles. Now it’s time for a few lucky crowdfunders to receive their rewards and risk all to ride the wall of death!

Inspired by their DIY derring-do and gumption, not-for-profit quarterly cycling publication Boneshaker Magazine wrote a feature about the Bomberdrome project, and now the Ministry and the magazine are partnering up so that there can be a live Bomberdrome show as part of the climactic final day of the 2013 Bristol Cycle Festival, which runs from 13-21 July.

As well as getting to marvel as the Bomberdrome boys demonstrate their death-defying stunts (well, mild-peril-defying, anyway), a lucky few Crowdfunders will have the chance to ride on the strange wooden contraption themselves and become part of the performance, using official Bomberdrome Bombers and with the help of experienced Ministry of Bicycles stuntpersons. The show will be in central Bristol on Sunday July 21 from 2pm.

Thanks for supporting this fab project and good luck to everyone who dares ride the Bomberdrome!

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