Crowdfunding With Sami: Creating Your Project

With one of the best coaching teams in the business, we were excited to discover that our own Sami Mauger, Head of Coaching & Project Innovation here at Crowdfunder, is planning to launch her own project for the very first time.

Hi Sami! We chatted last week about planning your project, but now it’s time for the creative fun to start – creating your project. One of the fundamental ingredients to a successful project is to tell your story in a clear and compelling manner. It’s essential to make a connection quickly when people land on your project page, so that they will hopefully go on to make a pledge. So, and you only get one shot at this, I want you to explain your project in 10 words or less…

Jewellery designed for wild women, handcrafted in our Cornish studio.

Great! It’s important to write down keywords so that you understand your core message. It means that you will feel prepared to make a quick, concise pitch when you receive enquires about your idea and project. Another important element to a project is to consider offering rewards to tempt pledges – although you can also simply collect donations if this is appropriate for your project. However, rewards are a great way of generating excitement around your project and often increases the amount of money a supporter will pledge. What kind of rewards can we expect to see from ‘Catch The Sunrise’?

My rewards are really simple in some ways – it’s all pieces of jewellery. Pledgers will be able to pre-order pieces such as rings or necklaces – with the option of customisation. To increase the interest of potential supporters, I intend to have some pieces exclusive to my project – basically, they will no longer be available once the campaign closes. When planning your rewards, it’s so important to try and include a range of prices to suit different budgets. My rewards will range between £10 and £100 (including P&P) and offer great value for money. What I mean by this, is that I’ve slightly reduced the cost of the rewards in comparison to what the jewellery should retail at when I open my online shop further down the line. This is both an incentive for potential pledges and also a massive thank you to show my appreciation to those supporting me early on. I fully understand that people don’t have to take a leap of faith and buy my jewellery – they can get jewellery anywhere – so this is my thank you for their support.

It sounds like your rewards are spot on, Sami! Last week you mentioned launching at the beginning of October in order to have enough time to fulfil all jewellery pre-orders that come from your project, but how long do you intend to run the project for?

I’m actually going to run my project for three weeks, which I know goes slightly against our advice of 28 days being the ideal duration. The reason for this decision is partly because I do already have the experience of coaching many projects through their journey, but also because I want to go for a short and sharp approach. My plan is to have my first week launch and last week close, but to use the middle week to have a lot of fun with the project. It’s also worth mentioning that I’m going to Sri Lanka in the middle of November and you should never be on holiday whilst your project is running. I identified the beginning of October as a really good window of opportunity for the launch of my project. Not only have people just been paid, but they are starting to think about Christmas gifts – it’s the real sweet spot.

We’ll be following Sami’s journey from planning and creating, through to running her Crowdfunder project in our blog series, ‘Crowdfunding With Sami’.

You can keep an eye on her progress (as no doubt a few of her team members will be doing) by checking for updates on our Facebook and Crowdfunder Blog.

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