Crowdfunding With Sami: Creating Your Project #2

With one of the best coaching teams in the business, we were excited to discover that our own Sami Mauger, Head of Coaching & Project Innovation here at Crowdfunder, is planning to launch her own project for the very first time.

Hi Sami! We chatted last week about creating your project, but this process involves a fair bit of planning and last minute touches. With just under a week to go until launch day, there’s still a lot to be cracking on with in terms of raising awareness that your project is launching. Promotion for the pre-launch of any project is really important – basically because you want people to know what you’re doing! What have you been doing so far to get the word out there about the launch of Catch The Sunrise on Crowdfunder?

For about a month I’ve been mentioning the launch date across my personal Facebook and Instagram channels – your immediate network (friends and family) is so important. Beyond this, I also set up social media channels for Catch The Sunrise – it’s such a simple process to create a business front on Facebook and Instagram and it is a great free tool to take advantage of.

I would say however that my main focus has been ensuring that I talk to a lot of people face to face about what I’m up to. I guarantee that if you ask any of my friends what day my project launches, they could all tell you.

It’s not really promotion, but to make sure that I have all of the visual content that I want for my project page and social media, I have been doing lots of photo shoots and even a video shoot which has been a great way to get people directly involved with my project. This has definitely helped to generate excitement and I know that the people who have helped me out will be telling their friends, which is a great way to spread the word. Having lots of high quality images to make your campaign look awesome is really important. They don’t have to have been taken by a photographer, but they shouldn’t be pixelated and should represent what your project is about. For my project, this has been really important as jewellery is a visual thing.

This all sounds great, Sami! I know that the thought of making a video can strike fear into a lot of project owners, but this comes back to our chat last week about building and activating your Crowdfunder team. What are your top tips to other projects who are looking to make a video for their campaign?

  • Keep it simple. It doesn’t need to be overplanned and you don’t need a high-end videographer – you can shoot some stuff on your phone. People aren’t expecting it to be a top end production, but it is the perfect way to give a personal touch to your project.

  • Set a day aside and get it done in a day. It’s easy to put off making your video or to let the process drag on. Set the time aside to get it done – you’ll feel so much better for it.

  • Don’t over script it. If you just keeping talking and filming, you’ll figure out the important bits as you go. You want the video to seem as natural as possible.

  • Film a lot and keep the good bits. I probably have hours worth of film from my video shoot which will equate to a two-minute video – it’s better to have a lot to work with than the other way round. Keep your video short, but with maximum impact.

  • Get lots of people on screen. The more people that you can include and get on screen the better. It shows that you’re not alone and that your project already has a community.

As your launch date approaches, it’s important to keep up the noise. However, it’s also a good idea to line up some supporters who will be ready to pledge on day #1 – a tip that we tell all of our project owners. What exactly does this mean and who have you got lined up to pledge on your project?

It is literally a process of putting together a list, even in pen and paper, that is populated with 10 or so people who you are sure will pledge on the first day – you can tick them off as you go. I’m planning on ringing my initial supporters on launch day to make sure they pull through – luckily they’re all close friends and family. I’ve made it really clear to them that these first day pledges are needed and important for building momentum straight away for my project – they’ve all got it in their calendars. 

One last thing that I have personally found very effective is channeling any interest from anyone wanting a custom jewellery order to my launch date – I’m hoping that this means they will pledge once I have launched.

We’ll be following Sami’s journey from planning and creating, through to running her Crowdfunder project in our blog series, ‘Crowdfunding With Sami’.

You can keep an eye on her progress (as no doubt a few of her team members will be doing) by checking for updates on our Facebook and Crowdfunder Blog.

You can also follow Catch The Sunrise on Facebook and Instagram.

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