Crowdfunding With Sami: Running Your Project

With one of the best coaching teams in the business, we were excited to discover that our own Sami Mauger, Head of Coaching & Project Innovation here at Crowdfunder, is planning to launch her own project for the very first time.

Hi Sami! Since we last chatted about Catch The Sunrise, you’ve launched your Crowdfunder project! How did the first day go? There’s no doubt that you must have been feeling all sorts of emotions when you clicked for your project to go live.

I launched my project yesterday morning, and by the time I had finished my lunch I had already reached my target – so I must have done a pretty good job of convincing my friends and family to put those first pledges on! I would say that whilst crowdfunding has been part of my every day for over three years, I was still sat behind my keyboard feeling a mixture of excitement, anticipation and sheer terror. It definitely got me thinking about why crowdfunding can be so scary… perhaps it is because it’s essentially an open letter to the world saying, ‘I care about this thing and I want to make it happen.’ We’re not often that true and open about our passions these days, maybe because of the invisible pressure that we feel to succeed at everything. What if nobody else cares? What if I fail? Actually, crowdfunding can be a fantastic crash test dummy. If my idea isn’t going to work out, then I’d much rather find that out now than further down the line. Yes, crowdfunding is scary. You are exposing a precious part of yourself in a very public way. However, once you release your idea out into the world, you set it free to grow and evolve organically – with a massive help from the Crowd. When you let go, you open up your idea to this awesome world of opportunity. You may just find that it becomes something even more amazing than could have imagined. I have now set a stretch target for Catch The Sunrise on Crowdfunder, which will provide even more opportunity for my small business.

Can you explain what a stretch target is and what it means for your project?

When you set up a Crowdfunder project, you can add a stretch target. You can think of it as a second goal that essentially provides the opportunity to think about what you could achieve beyond your first target with any extra funds that you might get. My stretch target is basically my second milestone – it opens up another door for my business. My initial funding was to enable me to register with the Assay Office (institutions that are setup to test the purity of precious metals) and to also buy a specialist jewellers drill. If I reach my second target then I’ll be able to get a barreling machine and some mandrels… And beyond that? I’ll be looking to raise enough funding to get some casting equipment. There is basically no limit! The more that I raise, the more that I will be able to move things forward in terms of design and what I can offer to my customers and supporters.

With just under a month still to go, how are you going to activate the people who have already supported your project in order to reach a wider audience?

I’m really lucky that in the first instance, people are already sharing my project and social media posts quite organically. I am going to keep making use of project updates on my Crowdfunder project page by posting once or twice a week, just to keep all of my supporters in the know. When you post a project update, all of your current supporters are automatically notified, which makes it a great way to keep that flow of communication going. You can use this tool to really activate those supporters and encourage them to share your project with their networks. Seeing as they pledged money towards your project, they will likely be more than happy to share around! I’m planning to add some new rewards throughout my project and am hoping to do an event right towards the end, which I’ll only be inviting my supporters along to… so a project update will be important for these two things. In terms of social media, I have a plan in place which ensures that there is a good mix of content being published. My Crowdfunder video is a great visual tool that I can keep sharing and I already put in a lot of work before my project launched to ensure that I have plenty of high quality images to work with.

We’ll be following Sami’s journey from planning and creating, through to running her Crowdfunder project in our blog series, ‘Crowdfunding With Sami’.

You can keep an eye on her progress by checking for updates on our Facebook and Crowdfunder Blog.

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