Crowdfunding With Sami: Running Your Project #2

With one of the best coaching teams in the business, we were excited to discover that Sami Mauger, Head of Coaching & Project Innovation here at Crowdfunder, is planning to launch her own project for the very first time.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking with Sami about planning, creating and running her Crowdfunder project to see if her crowdfunding expertise stands up to the real test. After smashing through her target by the end of day one, it’s safe to say that she knows what she’s doing. With two weeks left to go on and everything still to play for, we caught up with Sami to find out what the average week looks like in the life of a project owner.


I hit my target last week, which was such an incredible feeling. I’m really excited to have just received the news that I’ve now hit my stretch target! With every milestone, it’s so important to keep all of those supporters updated and make them feel like they are part of the journey, so today I’ll be posting another project update on my Crowdfunder page, thanking all of my supporters for their pledges so far. Supporters love to hear your good news and seeing as they already pledged on your project, they are likely to spread the word for you too. I’ve stopped scheduling my social media posts as I find that it is so reactive based on what is happening with my project, so I’ll be sure to post some stuff on Instagram and Facebook today.

I’m just coming up to the middle point of my project now, so I’m making sure that I network as much as possible – I want to maximise the potential for any more pledges. I find that researching and picking out some online groups that are relevant to your project is a great way to get the word out about what you’re doing beyond your core network. In Newquay, there is a local women’s surf club called women + waves, so I’ll be posting on there page about my jewellery and why I think they should check it out.


In keeping with my mission to spread the word about Catch The Sunrise, I’m going to a film event at my local cinema which is aimed at female surfers and outdoors lovers. My jewellery is designed for active and outdoorsy women, because it’s totally nature inspired, so this should be a good event to meet some new people – and connect with people who have already supported my project.

It’s definitely worth mentioning that the reality of the past week is that I’ve been ill and had family visiting, so some of the things that I planned to do on certain days just haven’t happened. Crowdfunding is incredibly rewarding but it is a lot of hard work, especially when you are doing this alongside all of the other responsibilities that life brings.


After hitting my stretch target target, I will now have the funds to work in gold – a possibility literally made real by the crowd. So, because of this, I can now offer different products to my customers and supporters which I’ll be putting on my Crowdfunder page as new rewards. The middle point of any project is notorious for being a bit quieter, so it’s a great tactic to add new rewards to keep supporters engaged and interested.

Also, I definitely think that it’s important to take a few days off from your project each week. Crowdfunding does require a lot of hard work, but it’s good to take some space when you can so you can come back and look at your project with fresh eyes.


I know that things are going to die down this week – it’s what we call the plateau of doom… essentially it’s the quietest point of a Crowdfunder project. The first week and last week are where the bulk of pledges come in, so I’m using this bit in the middle to play around and have some fun. There is less pressure on this week, because I know that it is the low week anyway. If some of the things I try work and convert into some pledges, then that’s a great bonus.

Ultimately, you can look at the middle point of your project in two ways. On one hand it could be seen as frightening and intimidating because it’s going to go quiet, or on the other, it could be seen as an opportunity to have the pressure taken off and have some fun.

Your core network will be most engaged at the start and end of the project, so with that in mind, I’ve got something up my sleeve that I know will jump start next week.

We’ll be following Sami’s journey from planning and creating, through to running her Crowdfunder project in our blog series, ‘Crowdfunding With Sami’.

You can keep an eye on her progress by checking for updates on our Facebook and Crowdfunder Blog.

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