Crowdfunding really is for anyone – join our schools campaign!

Most people when they think of crowdfunding think of business owners, start ups and gadgets, but here at we believe that crowdfunding really is for anyone big or small.

Here at Crowdfunder we have got 1000’s of kids learning the importance of fruit by allowing them to crowdfund fruit trees with our Fruitshare campaign. We have also helped the UK’s youngest crowdfunder and a school even fund a new classroom. Now we want you! We want to show that crowdfunding is easily accessible to anyone with our brand new schools campaign.

Crowdfunding can help people achieve their ambitions, it can help fund projects that have been ongoing for years, it can open new doors and even better it can join people together. Crowdfunding is a learning experience, a chance to learn about gathering a crowd, the value of the rewards you are offering and the tricks to marketing.

Case studies

The Hive 

Upton Heath Primary School raised £10,000 for an innovative eco classroom called The Hive. What makes this achievement stand out, is that they didn’t just do it via the usual funding routes but the school gained support from local businesses, engaged with parents as well as members of the wider community. The day news broke that the school had raised £5,000 on Crowdfunder, which in turn unlocked another £5k of match-funding from renewable energy platform, energyshare, parents were hugging each other in the corridors.

“We’re absolutely delighted,” said Headteacher Paula Morton. “When I saw and understood the concept of crowdfunding, it just seemed a perfect way of bringing the community and staff together at the school to back The Hive.”

Cracking Good Recipes

Dylan Allman is an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs young and old. Dylan successfully raised £746 towards his very own cookery book Cracking Good Recipes. However it doesn’t stop there, all the proceeds Dylan makes from his book he donates to the Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Foundation, which raises funds to improve the quality of life for sick children in hospitals.

Dylan cooking 2

Dylan’s campaign was a huge success and the seven year old taught us all that no goal is ever too far away. Dylan appeared in his project video and sent a project update most evenings. He thanked his backers and learnt the basics of setting up his own business. Crowdfunding was a vital tool for Dylan to raise the funds needed for his book.

An inspiration to all and a story other young people can follow and achieve their own goals.

Stay Strong

Amy Jones is the 15 year old founder of Stay Strong :), an anti-bullying charity based in Falmouth, Cornwall. Amy successfully crowdfunded £3,500 for her project Stay Strong 🙂 and showed previous bullies a thing or two. Amy gained huge support for her project including the likes of Tom Daley and Gareth Gates. Amy was able to show her passion for such a worthy cause via the online platform and raised the money she needed to set up what she had only before dreamed of.

Stay Strong

Amy got huge support from her own school and teachers who pushed her to go on and achieve her goal. The money Amy raised went towards creating an awareness campaign through media, social networks and events, creating a website that will share stories and show that together we can create happy endings, guide young people on how and where to get support, display a gallery of all those who are against bullying, provide workshops that will support young people to ‘Stand in their Power’.

Steiner Academy South Hams 

Crowdfunding can even be used to raise funds for an institution in itself, the South Hams Steiner Academy wanted to raise funds to promote a project that they were running. The great thing about crowdfunding as an institution is that you can reach out to all the parents and friends and family of parents. You can use many means of ways to reach out to your audience and receive the necessary funds. You can send letters home with the children, get the children excited about the project and wanting to tell their families, get the PTFA on-board, ask the Governors to help, reach out to past pupils and teachers. The possibilities are endless!

Fresh Water Collection System for Makongeni Primary School, Kenya

Fresh water - Kenya

When crowdfunding for schools it doesn’t always have to be in this country, we fund projects far and wide. A fantastic example of this is this project that successfully raised £340 for a water system to be installed in a school in Kenya. The Fresh Water Collection System project  originally went for a £180 target which they smashed within days. The project gained huge support and the water system has since made a huge difference to the pupils of the school.


These case studies should show you that the possibilities are endless when crowdfunding and whether it is the school that needs funds or the pupils themselves we are here to help.

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