Crowdfunding to prevent homelessness

With statistics revealing that homelessness in the UK is continuing to rise (the equivalent to one person in every 200 are officially recorded as homeless or living in inadequate homes), it’s clear that prevention needs to be prioritised to help reduce this figure and see more people set up in a stable home.

Whilst the cause of homelessness will vary dramatically with each individual case, some identified key factors include finance and debt, family breakdowns, addiction, unemployment, lack of affordable housing, poor mental health – and that’s just to name a few. Also, it is far too often that an individual will be facing more than one of these obstacles, making the resolution of the situation seem entirely unattainable and bleak.  

However, with the rise of crowdfunding, it has been incredible to see that the ideas looking to prevent homelessness and bring about change in communities, helping to contribute to a brighter future for everyone, have been activated by the support of the Crowd. strives to take a stand against homelessness by supporting the projects that are working to prevent these figures from rising, which is why they work alongside match funding partners who prioritise the building of confident communities. These partners also want to help activate the ideas that will consequently prevent homelessness and are looking to support the projects that are helping to keep individuals off the street.

Perhaps your project offers financial advice or support, or maybe it provides somewhere for people to turn when things go wrong at home? Are you setting up a support group, or a counselling service that helps individuals to work through problems before they escalate? Maybe you are looking to run an arts project to give people confidence and reduce stress to help them deal with day to day life? Whatever your idea, if your project is working on preventing life taking an unfavourable turn or is helping to build confidence in individuals facing difficult times, then why not crowdfund to turn that idea into reality and have as big an impact as possible?

Birmingham City Council have funds of up to £10,000 for projects helping to prevent homelessness. Find out if your project could be eligible here.

The projects that are already making the world of difference…



Exeter Bike Workshop

£8,250 raised from the Crowd • £8,000 matched by Santander Changemaker • 134 supporters

Crowdfunded to… Set up a bike shop that would create real opportunities for the homeless and excluded. 



Young Homeless Helpline

£15,923 raised • 292 supporters

Crowdfunded to… offer the first out-of-hours freephone helpline that provides vital support and advice to young homeless people in Wales.



Change Please

Project #1 • Project #2 • Project #3

£5,120 raised from the Crowd • £22,250 matched by lots of different partners

Crowdfunded to… transform the lives of homeless people by training and employing them as baristas on their coffee carts.



The Bridge, Birmingham

£5,415 raised from the Crowd • £5,000 matched by Birmingham City Council • 46 supporters

Crowdfunded to… help struggling men and women beat drug and alcohol addiction and thrive in their local community.



Bloom Bakery and Catering

£10,085 raised from the Crowd • £4,500 matched by Santander Changemaker • £1,500 matched by Lewisham Council Arts Fund • 127 supporters

Crowdfunded to… expand their bakery and catering social enterprise, creating opportunities for long-term unemployed people in Lewisham.

Our funding partners could match fund what you raise from the Crowd to give you the best start and achieve maximum impact. Take a look at our funds page and fill in a simple form to see if your project could pick up extra funding here.

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