Crowdfunding Politics: Crowdfunder features in the Financial Times

Having crowdfunded over £500,000 for the General Election 2015, the Financial Times this week featured Crowdfunder as “leading the election battle”  – written by top FT journalist Barney Thomas, there are some great insights into political crowdfunding.

Financial Times features Crowdfunder

Financial Times features Crowdfunder

Julia Groves of the UK Crowdfunding Association commented on Crowdfunder’s work in the political sector: “People have passions for certain things and are aware their money can have an influence in changing the world,” said Julia Groves, who chairs the UK Crowdfunding Association. “[Politics] suits the crowdfunding model of engagement — it’s democracy in action.”

Tom Beckett, Fundraising Director for The Green Party, instrumental in creating the Crowdfunder campaign for the Party said: Crowdfunding is “very effective in going viral, spreading through social media and reaching out to those beyond the usual email list and supporter base” – showing how the Green’s had really taken advantage of gaining support via Crowdfunder.

Read the full article in the Financial Times here and discover the political crowdfunding projects near you here. 

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