How to use crowdfunding for political projects

Vote For Policies

Crowdfunder is the leading platform for political fundraising working with candidates across a huge variety of political parties in every area of the UK.

We’ve already raised over £500,000 for hundreds of political crowdfunding projects.

There are a few considerations when fundraising for political projects and we’ve worked with the UK Electoral Commission to check guidance and compliancy – to make it as easy as possible for candidates to crowdfund.

Here are Crowdfunder’s  seven “must know” facts for crowdfunding your political project:

1 – All donations must be from a permissible source.

2 – For Party fundraising any donations over £500 must be checked that they are from a permissible source.

3 – For candidate fundraising any donations over £50 must be checked that they are from a permissible source. This is applicable when it is specifically for a named candidate for the local election.

4 – A candidate must return a donation over £50 if the source is impermissible or they cannot identify the source. Page 17 onwards in this guidance document gives some great further information on this… and page 20 gives a (very useful!) list of permissible sources for donations.

5 – Make sure all your Crowdfunder rewards ask for a postal address so that you have the full details of the backer and can check against the electoral register. (If you are not sure how to check your backers against the register, speak to your Party HQ)

6 – Crowdfunding project owners should include a disclaimer on your crowdfunder page that states all donations over the threshold will need to be checked against the electoral register.

7 – Project owners will need to request from Crowdfunder that the political funding payment process is turned on for your project by emailing This means you get 14 days once your project has ended to check pledges and cancel any that you cannot accept, before payments are collected from the people who have pledged on your crowdfunding project. If you do not request this process, you will not be allocated the extra time in which to check and cancel impermissible pledges.

Crowdfunder is not affiliated to any individual political party, we’d like to invite all parties to crowdfund to further support people engaging with the political process.

With the facts in hand, upload your crowdfunding for politics project today! 



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