Crowdfunding The Great British Democracy

GPLogoGreenForWebThe Green Party has pioneered a new path for British politics by using Crowdfunder to raise money, campaign and bring greater choice to voters in 2015.


Over the last three months 60 Green Party parliamentary candidates have used Crowdfunder, gathering the support of over 2,000 backers and raising an average of £550 a day. This money is fuelling the democratic process, bringing to life campaign material, the opportunity for individuals to stand for parliament and even rent for a constituency office.


Individual campaigns have set goals of between £400 and £10,000, with the majority exceeding their initial financial target. The Greens’ first crowdfunding campaign was launched in Plymouth and the most fruitful has been led by Brighton’s Caroline Lucas and sits proudly on the Crowdfunder leader board.


CarolineLucasCaroline Lucas, commented: “It’s been great connecting with voters as we gather donations, and it feels like a very democratic way of reaching out with our message.”


The Greens’ Crowdfunder highlights:


  • 45 Green party politicians have raised enough money to be able to stand for parliament in the 2015 general election
  • 2015 begins with 36 live Green Party crowdfunding campaigns
  • These campaigns have funded the design, print and delivery of campaign material, travel expenses, office space and the £500 fee to stand for parliament
  • Rewards offered include letters of thanks, free drinks and invitations to the count on voting day
  • The most successful projects have been supported by a video and social media campaign
  • Support of The Green Party grew faster in 2014 than ever before with a 90% increase in membership


The Crowdfunder community of over 100,000 backers is made up of individuals who want to drive change through grassroots movements, whatever the cause. Each campaign has the potential to gather backing through small and large donations, as well as receive match funding from organisations.


MD of Crowdfunder, Phil Geraghty, commented on the campaign: “At Crowdfunder we’re thrilled to be helping democratise political fundraising and bring a greater choice to voters this year.


“Crowdfunder is leading the way for digital innovation in the UK and it’s great to see how our platform is empowering communities across the UK to have a collective voice, creating real change in society.”


Raise funds for your 2015 Election Campaign today via reaching out to your supporters:





Crowdfunder offers every politician a crowdfunding platform to campaign and fundraise and show no preference towards any political party.

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