Crowdfunding for politics – UK’s top 8 political crowdfunds

Crowdfunder became the home of political crowdfunding for the General Election 2015 with hundreds of candidates and political campaigners raising the funds they need in the run-up to May 7th.  We’ve pulled together the top-eight projects across the UK. 

The Green Party – innovating with crowdfunding 

Alongside setting up a bespoke campaign on Crowdfunder enabling all their candidates to crowdfund their fees to stand, the Green Party led by example, running their own national crowdfunding project to stand in as many seats as possible – raising a staggering £74,000 from 2976 backers across the UK.


I Am An Immigrant by No Xenophobia

I Am An Immigrant  – by No Xenophobia 

Not only has Crowdfunder’s socials been dominated for the past few months by crowdfunding candidates, other political campaigns have been making headlines, most notably, #IAmAnImmigrant – with a stunning project which raised over £54,000 from 1524 backers. The ‘I Am An Immigrant’ crowdfunded poster campaign is No Xenophobia’s response to the increased anti-immigration rhetoric occurring in politics and the need to shed positive light on immigrants and the social, economic and cultural prosperity they bring to the nation.

Alex Salmond – SNP – Former First Minister leads the way in Scottish crowdfunding 

Embracing crowdfunding as a way to connect and engage with audiences, Alex Salmond, the Former First Minister of Scotland also led the SNP charge in crowdfunding as part of their national campaign on Crowdfunder. 307 of Alex’s supporters came together to raise over £13,000 to support the campaign to get Alex elected in May.

Vote for Policies – helping more people vote in 2015

Matt Chocqueel-Mangan, an early innovator in the crowdfunding for politics scene launched a campaign to raise the funds he needed to expand Vote For Polices, a website which makes it easy to compare what the political parties are promising to do. It helps the general public make an informed, unbiased decision about who to vote for. Since crowdfunding over £23,000 from 882 supporters, the team are aiming to help 1,000,000 people with their election choices in 2015!

Natalie Bennett – not once, but twice! 

The Leader of the Green Party also led by example, using Crowdfunder to reach out to her supporters fundraising for her campaign, raising over £7000 from 362 supporters before going on to raise another £7800 from a further 182 backers to continue the drive to land a seat as London’s first elected Green MP.

Win Edinburgh North and Leith for the SNP – crowdfunding Scotland 

This rousing campaign in Scotland captured the hearts and minds of SNP supporters looking to gain the first-ever SNP MP in Edinburgh North and Leith. They smashed their £5000 crowdfunding target before finishing up having fundraised over £7600 from 212 supporters of the project.

Ask Amy


Ask Amy – bringing politics to the kids 

Crowdfunding innovation – the team behind Ask Amy wondered if learning about politics should be as easy as texting a mate – and 79 supporters agreed, pledging over £5000 to make an exciting new app aimed at targeting and eliminating youth-apathy in the voting scene. After being featured on the Sunday Politics Show and in London’s popular Metro newspaper, they’ve rocked the crowdfunding tech scene with their brilliant project.

Carlton Reeve for Sheffield Hallam  – standing out from the crowd 

Carlton was one of the first Independents to crowdfund on Crowdfunder showing that it’s not all about the Party politics. Raising over £2500 from 61 backers, Carlton used the power of his community to showcase local support and raise the funds he needed to run his Election campaign.

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