Crowdfunding for business – eight of the best business projects in the UK

Best Business Crowdfunding Projects

Crowdfunder works with businesses as well as charities, community groups and individuals who want to make their great ideas a reality. The Crowdfunder Academy crew have hand-picked eight of the best to showcase just what can happen when businesses reach out to their communities to fundraise their brilliant projects.

We’re all looking forward to seeing these businesses prosper and grow!  If you’re a business owner and would like to explore how crowdfunding might be able to help you, add your project today and check out our guides to get the best advice to get your campaign off to a brilliant start. 


IMG_9788With 273 backers, the business raised £13,516 after targeting for £12,000.


Using ‘rejected’ supermarket food for being the wrong size or shape, Snact makes their very own scrummy fruit jerky. They take unloved, but perfectly good fruit that would otherwise be thrown away and transform it by blending and dehydrating it. No additives or preservatives.


On exceeding their target, Snact were able to produce a full production run of thousands of Snact packs, rather than the few hundred which were selling out quickly.

The Wave Bristol

With a staggering 937 backers, the business raised £219,473 in just 28 days having targeted £150,000.

Why it worked…

Wave Maker Nick (aka Nick Hounslow) and his team of entrepreneurs and surfers want to create the UK’s first inland surfing venue. Not just a big lake, the manmade wave-making facility would also encourage outdoor walks and other activity to help education people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds wrapping their aims around social enterprise and a community-driven projects. 


The build could be enhanced so that The Wave became more than just a wave. The additional café and welcome centre will allow for much more than just a good surf.

Baked Worthing 

With 132 backers, the business raised £2,695 after targeting £2,500.

Baked Worthing CakesLocally made and locally supported… 

Baked Worthing had planned to be a local high-street cake shop servincg customers with nothing but the finest cakes and snacks made from local sourced ingredients.


They were all set, except for the shop fit-out, which crowdfunding paid for! Now they’re fully up and running, serving the finest cake Worthing and it’s local suppliers have to offer.

Okie Soapie Soap

With 154 backers, the business raised £3,055 after targeting £1,600.


An existing successful small business, Okie Soapie had been producing top-quality male grooming products. On attending numerous events, they learnt that demand was high for them to expand into bath and body products.


Raising the money through Crowdfunder enabled them to expand the product range and grow the business successfully. And thanks to our recent partnership with Virgin StartUp, Okie Soapie has applied for a StartUp loan aimed to help young companies secure the finance they need to grow.

The Control Tower Needs You 

With 132 backers, the business raised £16,101 after targeting £15,400.

Houston, Houston

Another existing small business, this World War two airfield control tower houses two luxury bed and breakfast rooms. Demand for the rooms was so high that they needed funds to add a third accommodation to be called the ‘Stirling Suite’ after a bomber that used the airfield in the second World War.


Having a huge fanbase and client list of people to have spent a night or two in the control tower, they swiftly made best use of it. Funding was achieved pretty quickly and so renovation got underway.

Stop Press 

With 122 backers, the business raised £14,045 after targeting £10,000.

A business in need…

This smart outfit had been running for almost four years having turned a profit in each. The trade magazine was set up to provide jobs and experience for those under 30yrs old – and was a success. Until they tried in vein to gain bank funding. Someone mentioned crowdfunding, and the print run was back on!


The project hit their target in less than 24 hours – one of the fastest for a business in the UK. On doing so, they were able to get back to what they’d started – a trade magazine with a good following, earning a profit.

Dynamite Valley Brewing Co

DynamiteWith 98 backers, the business raised £8,670 in 28 days after targeting £8,000.

A toast to beer…

Dynamite Valley is small but established brewing business dedicated to making great beer. Friends, family and locals had enjoyed their beers for a number of years but it was time to upscale and expand their brewing capacity.


A glass was raised as they smashed through the target amount. It allowed the Cornish entrepreneurs to buy commercial brewing kits to make 100 litres of ale at a time. Cheers to that!

Riley’s Tackle Box 

With 108 backers, these fish-loving foodies raised £20,520

tackleLobster’s on them! 

Fish-shackers, Riley’s Tackle Box needed to crowdfund to design and build a semi-portable Fish Bar and Grill using shipping containers allowing them to trade more frequently and become less dependant upon the weather.


Lobster’s on them as the crew smashed through their target with a hungry mob snapping up great rewards to making the mobile-fish-shack a reality.

I’m a business too, let’s have some more inspiration.. 

Crowdfunding can be used to gain more than just cash. It can be a significant marketing tool in your businesses growth strategy. Food for thought. 

“Crowdfunding has more than just fundraising benefits to businesses. Funds to buy materials or expand is a main driver but used wisely, crowdfunding allows businesses to market themselves in a way that they would never have been able to do before. Every one of our backers to have helped a business could be an advocate for life.” Phil Geraghty, MD of Crowdfunder 

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