Borders aren’t blockers: The UK based crowdfunded businesses that are exporting worldwide

Crowdfunding is a great way for UK based businesses that have the ambition to export, or are already meeting demand internationally, to increase brand awareness and gain validation from the Crowd that there is a want for their product to be available on a larger scale.

The ideas and businesses that know that borders aren’t blockers are using crowdfunding to meet the rising demand for exporting businesses and receive support to grow beyond the UK market.

In a recent competition, delivered in partnership with Propel by Deloitte and Exporting Is GREAT, we invited these big-thinking-businesses to give crowdfunding a go, and the response was overwhelming!

Guy Hayler, Head of Business Development at Crowdfunder, said, “It is great to be supporting such ambitious entrepreneurs who are all growing and looking to export or sell their products globally.”

The businesses that are looking to distant shores…



Summiteer – Equipment for the Mountains

£3,245 raised • 29 supporters

Summiteer make high quality outdoors equipment for climbers, hill-walkers, mountaineers and adventurers. They crowdfunded to get their Cumbrian workshop off the ground, where they plan to manufacture their eco-friendly rucksacks for the great outdoors.

“We think it’s about time things changed in our industry and we’re here to promote that. Crowdfunding is so special. We’re not being funded by high interest rate bank loans, but by people who love our products and value our passion to improve the industry.”




£3,460 raised • 50 supporters

FitBites manufacture healthy snacks and promote active lifestyles. Their snacks are 100% natural, raw, free from sugars and preservatives and suitable for gluten free, vegan and paleo diets. They previously manufactured five varieties of great tasting, natural, raw energy balls, but the money raised through crowdfunding allowed them to launch three exciting new products.

“The crowdfunding project was great fun to work on and we received a fantastic level of support. Launching on Crowdfunder not only helped us to raise the funds to launch our new products, but it also helped to elevate our brand and allow FitBites fans to be a part of our exciting journey.”



Bullhouse Brew Co. 

£10,050 raised • 138 supporters

Looking to expand their brewery and have more capacity to make beer and continue with their mission to change the way that Northern Ireland drinks, Bullhouse Brew Co. crowdfunded for an extra fermenter and a bright tank to enable them to upscale their production schedule and step up the pace. 




The Submarine

£21,583 raised • 215 supporters

The Submarine lets you apply effects to just two strings of your guitar. You simply slip the Submarine under two strings, plug in and play through an effects pedal. You can add bass to your acoustic, fuzzed out lead to your clean electric, or drench your top two strings in reverb.

“Crowdfunding was the difference between the Submarine Pro happening or not happening – it’s as simple as that. We have a really niche product and to manufacture this before crowdfunding would have been impossible. It’s such a great way of connecting with your customers and really making them a part of the process.”



Jasmine Stacey Collection

£6,059 raised • 64 supporters

The Jasmine Stacey Collection focuses on bringing innovative, technical aspects and the finest fabrics to lingerie. Designed with women in mind, these beautiful and creative designs are to support those who may have experienced living with scars, stretch marks, stomas or who feel unconfident about their abdominal region in conventional underwear.

“Crowdfunding validated that my idea is worthwhile and that it is needed in the world of lingerie – because everyone deserves to be body confident! The money will allow the continuing development of new products and to also launch projects such as the body confidence series. Most importantly it will allow JSC to keep manufacturing the products everyone wants!”

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