Cornwall’s community is uniting to invest in their future

Crowdfunder is where ideas come to bloom and nearly all of our successful projects are delivering positive social impact across the whole of the UK – the possibilities are endless. 

We believe that communities should be empowered to turn their ideas, that all have the extraordinary potential to improve lives, into reality.

Crowdfunder HQ is located in the heart of Newquay and we love to see the impact that local crowdfunding projects, the ones right on our doorstep, are having on the community. It is clear that the Cornwall crowd is taking the reigns and investing in the change that they want to see.

Do you have a great idea for a project or initiative that needs funding in Cornwall? Cornwall Council has over £10k on offer to support NFP organisations working with local communities throughout Cornwall. Read more about this fund here.

Here are some of our favourite projects who have crowdfunded for their great ideas, right here in Cornwall.



Bring Beavers back to Cornwall
£20,165 • 274 supporters • 59 days

After being hunted to extinction in the UK 400 years ago, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and their partners Woodland Valley Farm wanted to bring beavers back to Cornwall. With the support from the crowd, this groundbreaking project hoped to show that beavers can help to create new wildlife habitat, make water cleaner and crucially reduce flooding.



Gone Surfing
£5,240 • 52 supporters • 35 days

The Wave Project is an innovative charity who provide surfing and mentoring to vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and children. They ran a Crowdfunder project to raise the funds to build a beach unit in Newquay so that they could run beach-side surf therapy sessions, house their equipment and provide a private changing space.



The Cornish Food Box Company
£28,940 • 147 supporters • 95 days

Whilst they already delivered fresh free-range food from Cornish farmers, fishermen and food producers straight to the doors of their customers, The Cornish Food Box Co. wanted to expand their offering. They crowdfunded to install a production kitchen, re-fit their shop with chilled food counters and extend their home delivery service further afield.



Newquay Community Orchard
£66,337 • 141 supporters • 28 days

Looking for the essential funds needed to get their idea off the ground, Newquay Community Orchard crowdfunded for equipment, the construction of the community orchard and trees to plant. This project wanted to offer their community an open access public space that would provide workshops, apprenticeships and regular events.



National Trust Trevose Head Campaign
£7,465 • 98 supporters • 56 days

After the National Trust recently purchased Trevose Head, they crowdfunded to safeguard this ownership and preserve the view. The project was all about ongoing protection of the headland and keeping it beautiful for both people and wildlife, with the hope that Trevose Head could become one of North Cornwall’s most easily accessible and significant sites.


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