Looking to kick off your own Winter Olympics inspired project? We’ve got you covered!

We don’t know about you, but we can’t think of anything more inspiring than a major, international sporting event to seek out a more active lifestyle in our own lives. So, whilst things continue to heat up in the Winter Olympics, why not start crowdfunding to get your local (or national!) sporting project up and running?

With British bobsledder, Mica McNeill, embracing crowdfunding as a means to complete her season and participate as planned in her first Olympics, it’s clear that the Crowd are keen to be team players. And she’s not the first! Other Olympians including the Nigerian Ladies Bobsled Team, Team GB halfpipe skier Molly Summerhayes and British downhill skiing champion Billy Major have also favoured crowdfunding to help them along their path to success.

But now it’s your turn.

Countless studies have shown the positive impact that active projects can have upon communities, so why not start a new team or even launch a whole new sport currently unseen in your area? We know that taking your grass roots sports club to the next level can be tricky. With equipment to pay for, facilities to acquire and everything else in between, you might be feeling exhausted before you’ve even got anywhere!

Well, we have some great news. Whatever impact you are looking to make in your community, we are here to help.

Crowdfunding isn’t just a great way to raise the funds needed to support a more active community, but it can also help to increase awareness on a local scale; building community spirit at the same time. And if that wasn’t enough, we also work with local and national partners who are looking to help get the ball rolling (literally!) by match funding the projects that are getting our communities healthy, active and engaged. Find out more about the funds we currently have on offer here.

Still on the bench about whether to go for it? Check out some of the show-stopping projects that teamed together to make their ideas and dreams happen. 

The crowdfunding projects at the top of the league…




School of Hard Knocks

 £20,450 • 90 supporters

 SOHK is an in-depth intervention that uses rugby and mentoring to improve the lives of children at risk of permanent exclusion. The charity uses sport to tackle unemployment, crime and health, working with both children and adults to help them take responsibility and positive steps forward in their lives.



Kernow Gymnastics & Acro Academy

£3,615 raised • 120 supporters

After their much-loved local gym burned down, Kernow Gymnastics & Acro Academy desperately needed funds to help their 500 strong community of enthusiastic and committed gymnasts get their gym back and continue training. 



The Valley

£25,530 • 166 supporters

 Founded in 2007 by 3-well known local climbers with a passion for the sport and a desire to bring a world-class climbing venue to Newcastle, Climb Newcastle  has propelled to be one of the most respected and well-visited climbing centres in the country. The venue became so well visited that the time soon came to take Climb Newcastle to the next level and open a second centre. 



My Racing Wheelchair for Olympic Dream 

This inspirational young wheelchair racer needs a new chair to meet his needs so that he can compete in the London Marathon and many other races in 2018!



Rowing For Rascals

£21,800 • 260 supporters 

These two fiercely competitive athletes sought help from the Crowd so that they could row 3,000 miles in a race across the Atlantic Ocean and raise money for Great Ormond Street and the ARCHIE foundation along the way. 

There is match funding available for projects that get our communities healthy, active and engaged. Check out if your project could pick up extra funding here.


On the tenth day of crowdfunding, let’s take a look at this - ten cyclists pedalling!