Invest in a project of passion – The Times

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We’ve been featured in The Times talking of the importance, and growth, of Civic Crowdfunding – “Invest in a project of passion.”

Jess Ratty was quoted on the front page of Times “Money Splash” “We work with councils and businesses with charity budgets to find out how best to spend their money. It is revolutionising the way public projects are funded.” 

To read the piece, visit The Times (subscription needed) and for more information about how Crowdfunder distributes funds, working with Councils, Brands and Grant-makers, visit Crowdfunder Plus.

With £2.4m of extra funding on the site, check out how projects can apply for a raft of different types of funding, from £1000 pledges for community projects across the UK, to £200,000 for youth projects in Dorset. 

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