Crowdfunder and Cycling Without Age Announce Partnership to Support More Communities

Crowdfunder and Cycling Without Age announce an innovative partnership to help support, fund and launch more Cycling Without Age initiatives across the UK.

Cycling Without Age, a charity that has been designed to take elderly people on cycle rides to reduce isolation in the community, are calling out for those interested in launching their own Cycling Without Age chapters in the UK.

The platform facilitates the fundraising of community projects just like Cycling Without Age, by inviting the local community to get behind them and pledge cash where they see a need for that impact in their local area.

After a Cycling Without Age campaign in Falkirk, Scotland, raised £43,000 to cover the initial costs of the chapter through, the two organisations saw an obvious alignment to bring about inspirational change in communities throughout the UK. By recognising crowdfunding as a way of accessing the finance required for a backlog of Cycling Without Age projects that need funding, the partnership was born. 

The campaign leader, Fraser Johnson, said, “We were totally overwhelmed when we reached our initial target. When we set this, it was very much a ‘best-case’ scenario. Thanks to the support from the Crowdfunder team, we were able to ensure that our message was loud and clear – this is a people driven project, and we are thrilled that our supporters could all be part of the movement by contributing to the campaign.”

The two organisations are now calling out to community groups across the UK with the clear message that if you would like to transform the lives of elderly people in your local area, launch a Cycling Without Age initiative.

Simon Walker, Head of Campaigns at said, “We are delighted to be working with Cycling Without Age to help new chapters launch across the UK. Crowdfunder projects are rooted in driving social impact in the UK and Cycling Without Age does that in spades. We look forward to welcoming more communities needing bikes onto Crowdfunder.”

If you are interested in launching a Cycling Without Age chapter in your area, you can start the journey here

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