How a Crowdfunder campaign united a region…

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 17.13.49Once in a while you see a project that captures the imagination like no other.


“Bring the Foo Fighters to Cornwall” was one of those projects.


It took two great disparate ingredients and put them together to make something that made you sit up and ask “why has no one done that before!”


With all great Crowdfunder projects you can tell in the first 24 hours if it will succeed, with this one you could tell in the first 30 minutes, in the time it took me to drive home they raised £30k, in the first day they raised £75k and finished on £313,000, from 2548 backers.


And it was everywhere, from NME to the Mirror and streaming like wildfire across the socials – my Facebook and Twitter feeds were full of it.


The team behind this project have worked tirelessly to arrange the gig and after long conversations with the bands management it’s not going to be able to happen at this time, so we will not process the pledges and the project will technically show that it did not succeed.


But it did succeed in one crucial way, it showed the people of Cornwall what’s possible when you want something to happen, and it showed this to every region in the UK.


Cornwall does not have a stadium or venue for this type of gig, and if you really want to see if Cornwall wants it, then I say crowdfund it.


We are working with many organisations including councils and universities all over the UK to crowdfund great ideas in their regions, and none of this would be possible without the tireless work of crowdfunders like the team at Warner Young Management who had a dream to bring the Foo Fighters to Cornwall.


Phil Geraghty – MD, Crowdfunder


To see the full update from the “Bring the Foo Fighters to Cornwall” team,  click here.


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