The support of the crowd gets the #OXtoIndia

True innovation lies in the space between design and social impact, and the OX stands as an exemplary model for this.

Designed to be a low-cost, all-terrain truck that can be driven on and off-road, the aim behind the OX is to help remote communities in the likes of Africa and India to transport food, water, building supplies and people. The vehicles that are currently available are often designed for quite different purposes, are too heavy, too complicated and unsuited to local conditions, making it impossible to reach these already hard-to-reach areas and provide the support needed for day to day living.

Kicking off it’s journey in Cornwall last year, the OX made stops at a few of the region’s iconic landmarks such as the Eden Project and Watergate Bay along the way. The finale of the tour saw the world’s first flat-pack vehicle claiming the star of the show spot at Crowdfunder’s £40million milestone celebrations – and it’s not often that we get to see a project starting physically from our doorstep!

And now, with the combined support of the crowd (including over £150k from almost 350 supporters) and a new backing from Shell, who have helped to move the project forward by ordering a bespoke example to India, the vision and determination to change lives which defines the OX won’t have to be compromised.

As the journey progresses into new territory, Global Vehicle Trust and Gordon Murray Design that are behind the truck have made it clear that without the support that they have received through crowdfunding, the next steps to bring this innovative-design into reality would never have been possible.

“Thank you for your support and for your faith in this project. The OX would not have reached this point if it were not for you. We will ensure that you are kept up-to-date with the latest news and developments.”

This grass-roots level support combined with the backing of a big organisation is a win-win situation for the OX. On one hand, crowdfunding has offered the opportunity to gain validation from the crowd that they truly back the idea (which is obvious through their 300-strong network of supporters), whilst the #OxtoIndia demonstration will provide the grounds for discussion in a real-world setting.

As the project comes to a close this week on, we can’t help but feel a bit excited to see what is in store for the next part of the OX’s journey. We know that ideas have the extraordinary potential to change the world, and there is no doubt that the OX will do just that.

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