We are collaborating with local authorities to make ideas happen

We work in partnership with 20 councils to improve the way in which funds are distributed to community projects all over the UK, so that together, we can make more ideas happen.

Thoughts of lengthy application processes and slow response rates may come to mind when thinking about the prospect of contacting your local Council to ask about community-based funding and grants. Whilst you know that funds may be available for your socially benefiting project, the grant application process just gives you the pure heeby-jeebies. Or maybe, you’re just an individual or a group who are trying to do something good for the benefit of your community, and you haven’t even realised that your idea is eligible to receive public funds. On top of all of this, there is also the issue with local funding that there is simply not enough to go around. To put it simply, navigating the world of public funding can be quite difficult.

However, all of this is changing. With a collaborative approach, Crowdfunder works with local authorities to transform the face of grant distribution throughout the UK. By using our perfectly primed position to disrupt (in a friendly and collaborative way, of course!) the grant-giving sector, we are giving fund distribution the revamp that it so sorely needs.

And the great thing? Council’s share our mission too. They want to fund the projects that matter to their communities and for this funding to have an impact. By being creative and resourceful, local authorities are now working with us to experiment in new ways of doing things. This collaborative process means that we enable the projects that truly matter to secure the funds that they need to make their ideas happen – it’s a match made in heaven.

Not only does this collaborative method of funding open up more opportunity for people to access these funds, but it also attracts the attention of other corporate and private sectors who are looking to pledge money towards important causes. What this means is, if a project is eligible for a number of funds, they can receive a trio of funding sources from the crowd, their local authority and a private sector partner of Crowdfunder, who is particularly interested in what they are trying to achieve.

Crowdfunding donations from the public (or what we like to call, the crowd) in order to unlock additional funds from larger institutions is a process called ‘matched crowdfunding’. Matched crowdfunding is an exemplary model for grant distribution as it provides a much faster and more efficient method to fund those projects that sit within the community’s interest. This model is innovative in that it unlocks community ideas that may not normally apply for a grant, or may not have been selected by a panel of decision makers. It’s transparent decision making with the public’s interest at its heart. You can read more about this here.

Hannah Sloggett, Neighbourhood Planning Manager at Plymouth City Council, says…

“We were looking for a way of distributing funds in a way that really engaged communities, supported ownership and enabled our role to be guided by community support… It is much more than engaging communities – it’s fundamentally involving communities in the priorities of what money should be spent on. Communities can provide solutions by starting projects, validating the idea through pledging from the crowd and consequently make things happen in their local area. The visibility of the fund through this process is completely different to a normal grant making process as decisions are made publicly and quickly.”

The crowdfunding process requires project owners to generate interest and build engagement from the crowd, which provides a valuable insight for local authorities into what is important to their particular community. Once an idea becomes validated by the crowd, Councils (and other funding Partners) are then able to pledge additional funds to activate the change that their community wants to see. As well as streamlining how money is distributed at a local level, matched crowdfunding clearly demonstrates how and what the Council is contributing to the community. That’s the wonderful thing about crowdfunding – there is a direct link between funding and result. By combining funds raised by the crowd with additional funds from corporate organisations, this collaborative process can literally make public funding, which has been on the decrease in recent years, go further.

It is of paramount importance to make these funds more easily accessible and we want to work with as many local authorities as possible throughout the UK, to facilitate a wave of change to the communities that need it most. By empowering communities and connecting people with the resources that they need, we can really make a difference.  

So, we have a model that means no more waiting around to find out if your idea is a goer, the potential for the unwavering support of your community and the unique opportunity to receive additional funding. Sound good to you? Then read more about the funds we have on offer here and get in touch today to find out about funds that may be available to you.

Together, we can unlock a more sustainable future.

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