Crowdfunding is building confidence in communities throughout the UK

We believe that communities should feel confident and empowered to make their ideas happen, and is the place to be to turn your community’s biggest dreams into reality.

Ideas have this incredibly unique potential to bring about a new way of seeing or doing things, and when these ideas come into fruition, they can be incredibly transformative in creating united, stable and sustainable communities that are striving to create a brighter future for everyone.

Phil Geraghty, Managing Director at, said, “We can already see the Crowdfunder community working on re-imagining how we take control of the world we want to live in. They are redefining how we come together as a community, how we grow our food, how we dispose of our waste, how we look after our children, how we look after our elders and a whole other range of solutions to important societal issues.”

When social enterprises, CICs and groups/individuals that simply want to ‘do-good’ for their community choose to turn to the Crowd to make their idea happen, they are often met with a huge level of support, whether this be through pledges, volunteering or cause awareness.

Rob Love, Founder of, said, “The best ideas for society, for all of us, rise to the top and Crowdfunder is just a facilitator for this. I would say that if the project’s intention is not good for us all, it’s unlikely to get funded… By coming together to support ideas that will change the world to be a better place for us all to live in, we are socially investing in our future. We need to nurture this want for change in order to have a positive impact on society.”

We also work with local authorities and private sector organisations to improve the way in which funds are distributed to community projects all over the UK, so that together, we can make more ideas happen.

The projects that are transforming communities…



Change Please

Project 1Project 2Project 3

£42,785 total raised • 168 supporters

Change Please are brewing up something a little bit more than just coffee in their mobile coffee outlets across London. They train exceptional people, who happen to be homeless, as baristas and provide them with a job and housing to lift them out of their situation. Not only does their innovative model use entrepreneurship to instantly reduce homelessness, but they have also successfully crowdfunded three times – the Crowd is clearly set on ensuring that Change Please are here to stay.



Stoneham Bakehouse

£23,445 raised • 273 supporters

Stoneham Bakehouse CIC crowdfunded to kit out the new premises for their community bakery in order to continue sharing the therapeutic nature and experience of making bread with the local community.

“Our Crowdfunder campaign has been, and continues to be, incredibly helpful to our community business. The money we raised was vital to initially kitting out our bakery; buying the large oven, mixer and much more. However, much more than the money; knowing 273 people, many of them very local, supported our idea gave us confidence. So many of these backers have become regular and loyal customers.”



Bottle of Ginger

£5,425 raised • 106 supporters

Bottle of Ginger, a community drinks company, crowdfunded to launch a bottled ginger beer to change local ‘juice’ culture in Bridgeton, Glasgow. 

Working together to forage, source and grow ingredients, develop the recipe, design the labelling and packaging, decide on pricing and distribution is our first attempt at re-inventing the soft drink chain as a community working together for local and global change!”



Bridport Mind Fest

£4,357 raised • 58 supporters

Bridport Mind Fest strives to raise awareness around the spectrum of mental health, and crowdfunded to launch their first festival to celebrate the power of the mind, to talk about its vulnerability and offer suggestions on how to heal.

“The aim of Bridport Mind Fest is to reduce the stigma around mental illness and to get people talking, and with the feedback being that people have opened up on the issues and that more discussions about mental health and well-being are happening around the town, I would say that it was a great success.”



Cycling Without Age

Launched in 2012, Cycling Without Age offers free bike rides to local nursing home residents on a specially designed trishaw. Becoming increasingly popular in communities throughout the UK, the initiative tackles the issues of loneliness and isolation, which occurs too often when senior citizens become confined to their own homes.

Seven Cycling Without Age chapters are now live and crowdfunding to raise the £7,000 needed to purchase their first trishaw! Check them out here. 

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