Want To Have Your Say In Today’s Story?

A community share offering can unite and raise investment from the very people which an enterprise intends to benefit.

With news publications reaching a staggering 47.5 million adults across the UK, via newspapers and online, it’s clear that we want to get the scoop on today’s story – and that’s before even considering the reach of our news channels as well. But, do you know that you can do more than just read the media? Yes. You can now own it too.

As corporate advertisers and a handful of corporations dominate the ownership of the news media in the UK, the want and need for honest, independent journalism that inspires good is becoming more essential than ever before.

Crowdfunder.co.uk are proud to have helped facilitate community shares for several media outlets that intend to inspire a wave of change. News channels and publications that look to unite people through a community share offering present the opportunity to inspire a media that can stand as a powerful force for change. Community shares are for everyone, and why shouldn’t the media be that way too?

Share your values, share your voice and share your media.

Here are some pioneering groups from the news industry that we have already helped…

New Internationalist: Buy into a better story
April 2017 • £704,114 • 302 investors • 47 days

New Internationalist invited supporters to become a ‘media pioneer’ by buying into journalism that has tonnes of facts and oodles of heart. With a reputation for being reader-powered, New Internationalist wanted to take it one step further and become reader-owned.


Own Community Channel!
July 2016 • £367,200 • 302 investors • 47 days

Community Channel looked for pledges to help transform their channel into the first people-owned national TV channel. The channel is dedicated to telling the stories of everyday people who make lives more colourful – stories of the charities that bind the community together.


#OwnTheMedia – Positive News community shares
July 2015 • £263,422 • 1526 investors • 30 days

With a love of news that inspires, Positive News recognised the need to innovate in order to meet the growing demand for their journalism. This co-operative offered the chance for supporters to become an owner and help to change the news for good.

Dave Boyle, Director of The Community Shares Company shared his thoughts with Crowdfunder.co.uk about the relationship between community shares and the media…

“Everyone in the media has been talking for years about a crisis of funding, but what they’re really talking about is a crisis of confidence and imagination. Positive News, New Internationalist and the Community Channel show that people can support the media they want and that outlets prepared to share stewardship with their supporters can reap the rewards.” 

When communities take ownership of the things that matter most to them, they become stronger – so don’t just follow the crowd, be the crowd.

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