Community Business Weekend 2017

Community businesses across the whole of England will be opening their doors this weekend to host an array of events that celebrate their positive impact on society. We love hearing the inspiring stories of individuals and communities coming together to make ideas happen here at… it is what we do, after all.

Community Business Weekend is setting itself up to be a huge demonstration of community spirit, running in conjunction with Eden Project Communities and also Power To Change, who are one of Crowdfunder’s extra funding partners that look to support community businesses in order to create better places across England.

“The junction between enterprise and community is a fast growing and exciting place. Community Business Weekend gives us all a chance to stop and take stock of the amazing advances that have been made by 1000’s of enterprises all over the UK and look forward to the change that we are all going to make together over the coming year.” Phil Geraghty, Managing Director at

The weekend promises to be a lot of fun and offers everyone the chance to get involved with their local community business and find out more about who they are and what they do. We’re having a celebration of our own, in honour of the community projects that have crowdfunded to their way to success with us at It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate unity and the changes that we can achieve together. As the saying goes, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’

Goldfinger Factory £24,558 • 166 supporters • 56 days

This project crowdfunded to start expanding into two new sites in London. They tackle social problems and create jobs by offering local expert artisans, who would otherwise be struggling to make ends meet, the chance to access workshop facilities and retail space.

Real Junk Food £39,155 • 790 supporters • 28 days

This project crowdfunded to open Manchester’s first waste food pay-as-you-feel cafe in a mission to stamp out food waste in their city and provide hot nutritious meals for all.

Stoneham Bakehouse £23,445 • 273 supporters • 14 days

This project crowdfunded to set up and kit out their community bakery. With the vision of turning the newly acquired premises into a hub of activity, director and project owner Simon also wanted to share the therapeutic nature and experience of making bread with the local community, making the support of well-being very much at its core.

  • Community Business Weekend Event – 7th October 10AM – 12PM

The Poly £8,125 • 170 supporters • 56 days

This project crowdfunded to transform and renovate their lovely 180 year old building, previously referred to as The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, into a state of the art venue in order to create a vibrant and accessible community hub.

  • Community Business Weekend Event – 7th October 11AM – 3PM

Gardeners Rest £237,600 • 382 supporters • 49 days

This project crowdfunded their community share by inviting the local community to invest in preserving this much loved pub, which has become an invaluable space for people to gather and socialise. Ever thought about owning your own local pub? Then be sure to click here.

Be sure to join in with the celebrations this weekend. Click here to get involved and find your nearest Community Business Weekend event.

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