Local people embrace local power #CBwkd18

Community businesses across the whole of England will be opening their doors this weekend to celebrate the positive impact that they are having on society. It’s a unique opportunity to find out more about the community businesses in your area and what you can do to get involved!

Phil Geraghty, Managing Director at Crowdfunder, said, “The junction between enterprise and community is a fast growing and exciting place. Community Business Weekend gives us all a chance to stop and take stock of the amazing advances that have been made by 1000’s of enterprises all over the UK and look forward to the change that we are all going to make together over the coming year.”

What is Community Business Weekend?

With a huge array of events scheduled in, Community Business Weekend is setting itself up to be a huge demonstration of community spirit. The whole weekend is run in conjunction with Eden Project Communities and Power To Change, who are one of Crowdfunder’s +Extra funding partners that look to support community businesses in order to create better places across England.

The weekend promises to be a lot of fun and offers everyone the chance to get involved with their local community business and find out more about who they are and what they do. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate unity and the changes that we can achieve together.

What is a community business?

As the saying goes, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’, and this is the ethos behind community business!

When communities come together and set up community businesses, they are able to address challenges that they face together. This might include shops, farms, pubs, or many other types of business, but what they all have in common is that they deliver positive local impact.

How can you get involved?

At Crowdfunder, we love seeing communities come together to realise their ideas through crowdfunding. It becomes part of a truly unique story and offers people from the local area to get involved from the word go. We’re excited to see that some of our past projects, who have seen great success with crowdfunding, are hosting events of their own during Community Business Weekend, so why not check them out?



The Big Lemon CIC

£13,325 raised • 172 supporters

This pioneering community project powers zero-emission electric buses with solar panels on the roof of The Big Lemon’s bus depot in Brighton.

They walks along the Western Section of South Downs Way planned throughout #CBwkd18. Find out more here.



London Bike Kitchen

 £18,179 raised • 358 supporters

The London Bike Kitchen teaches you how to fix your own bike and they successfully crowdfunded for a second workshop to reach more people & get #morebuttsonbikes.

They are hosting drop-in workshops throughout #CBwkd18 between 1pm and 5pm. Find out more here.



Union Corner

£10,704 raised • 82 supporters

Stonehouse Action are a group of local residents who love Union Street and they transformed a derelict shop ‘Union Corner’ on Union St. into a thriving community hub. 

They’re hosting their first community-building market this weekend so go and take a peak if you’re in the area! Find out more here.




Stepney City Farm

£22,315 raised • 268 supporters

Stepney City Farm in London’s East End is a working farm, Rural Arts Centre and community meeting place. They crowdfunded in order to stay open and free to visit, 6 days a week, introducing thousands more Londoners to local food and farming.

They are holding a May Day festival on Bank Holiday Monday with music, dancing, crafts, food and drink all day. Find out more here. 



Stoneham Bakehouse

£23,445 raised • 273 supporters

Stoneham Bakehouse crowdfunded to kit out the new premises for their community bakery so that they could bring the therapeutic nature of baking to Hove. 

Join Stoneham Bakehouse throughout #CBwkd18 to celebrate that it’s been a year since they opened the doors of their community supported bakery. Find out more here.

Click here to find events happening in your local area. 

Power to Change + Crowdfunder

Power to Change are also one of Crowdfunder’s +Extra funding partners. Offering the Community Share Starter Fund, they could pledge up to £6,000 towards community groups that are setting up a community business.

Are you part of a group which has a plan to set up a community business such as a pub, shop, woodland, community centre, energy project or sports facility? Do you need to undertake a community share issue to raise the money to make it happen? Then this fund is for you.

This fund will help pay for the crucial things like building surveys, producing and printing share offer documents, getting legally registered and so on. It will also help you start the crucial work of engaging your potential investors, by testing the water before diving in to the work needed to launch a share offer.

Power To Change will match fund eligible projects at 50% (potentially more in deprived areas) of the amount needed to get your share offer up and running, to a maximum of £6,000, as long as you can raise the rest through crowdfunding.

Get involved with #CBwkd18

When communities come together to realise ideas, the impact that they can have in overcoming obstacles and challenges faced by society is incredible, so be sure to check out any Community Business Weekend events that are happening near you!

Have you got a Community Business that you would like to crowdfund for? Get started here or drop us an email to enquiries@crowdfunder.co.uk.

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